'Project Runway' Finale: Who Won Season 15?
'Project Runway' Finale: Who Won Season 15?
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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After a harsh critique with the judges on the previous episode, the final four Project Runway designers have to kick it into high gear to finish their collections and put on a great show for New York Fashion Week. It's been a long season, but at the end of "Finale Part 2," three designers will be out, and only one will be in. Let's find out who will win Project Runway 2016.

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Get to Re-Work

Tim knows that the designers took a beating at the last judging panel. So he's giving them $500 at Mood to help them fix their collections.

Back in the work room, Laurence is focusing on making her collection look more classic. She especially wants to re-design the potato sack romper using different materials to make it look more chic. But she's not making any major changes.

Roberi decides that he wants to incorporate the patchwork technique the judges liked into more of his looks. The only problem is that it's a time consuming procedure and he's running out of time. He's struggling to take what the judges said into consideration while at the same time maintaining his own voice. He's confident in his ability to create beautiful clothes, but he has to overcome his limitations if he wants to win.

Erin knows that she needs to go full throttle with each one of her looks in her own "Erin-ness." So she takes one of the simpler sundresses and decides to make it shorter and pair it with an embellished top. As always, Tim is concerned that her looks seem too crafty as opposed to clean and sophisticated. Erin admits that this is a line that she is constantly walking, and she takes Tim's advice to heart.

Rik is concentrating on "sexing up" his looks. It pains him to cut up some of the embroidered pieces that his mom and aunts helped him make, but he has to make his pieces shorter and more provocative. He's also making a completely new leather dress.

At the end of the day, Tim calls the designers to 'gather round. He tells them how proud he is of each of them. He says they're all great designers and wonderful people and they go in for a group hug. Then it's time for everyone to pack up their clothes and their things to ready themselves for the big show.

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Welcome to Fashion Week

The designers head to the runway before daylight and before just about everyone else. Erin's wearing one of her own pieces; a little dress with fruit on it. Laurence is working a slick blue suit. And the guys are there too, not looking half as fierce as the girls.

There are a few last minute issues. One of Roberi's model's doesn't show up, so they have to send a replacement model with the wrong size shoe. And Laurence has a tear in one of her dresses that she has to patch up at the last minute.

Rik's the first designer to show his collection. It's made up of black and white prints and his signature embroidered denim. He kept the sunglasses he designed, but only used them on three of the models. It's definitely showing plenty of skin, but is tasteful and funky. Overall, it's bright and unique, if not overtly cutting edge.

Laurence is next. Her collection is about finding the light in the darkness, so her collection starts off with darker pieces and gets lighter. There is a lot of leather and a lot of jumpsuits and rompers. And of course there are a few pieces with her signature square shoulder. But no black! It's a crisp, clean collection that looks expensive.

The third designer to show is Roberi. He really featured the patchwork in a much more prominent way, but the whole collection still seems to lack cohesion. He mixed a lot of shiny, bright fabrics with more natural looking fabrics, which seem to clash, and not in a good way. There are some nice pieces, but overall, the collection is a bit underwhelming.

Erin's closing out the show. She introduces her show as "Project Funway," and it certainly is fun. There's lots of colors and sparkles and it brings such a positive energy to the runway. It's obviously creative and artistic, just like Erin, but it's also very modern and surprisingly wearable.

Final Critique

Joining Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum for the final judging panel is actress and singer Zendaya.

Rik: Heidi thought the collection really came together. There were a lot of unusual prints, but they all seemed to go together. Zendaya liked how it was grunge while also being clean and cool. Nina says that the collection was powerful, sexy and polished. Zac likes the denim, but he wished it was a little bit more bedazzled for runway pizzazz.

Roberi: Heidi is very proud of the looks and especially loved the mix of shine and feathers with the harsher fabrics. She didn't like his last look though, which she says was very somber. Nina thinks it was a great turn-around from what they saw the day before. She says Roberi makes his fabrics sing and feel alive. Zac thinks he has an interesting feminine but cerebral quality to his work. Zendaya loved all of the jackets.

Erin: Zac says Erin has such a unique sensibility; it's very runway appropriate. He says some of the separates didn't pair as well together or work as well as the dresses. Zendaya says it's a good combination of kooky and chic. Heidi says it's a playful combination of looks and fabrics and she loves the way she makes her re-think clothes. Nina says there's a beautiful femininity to her clothes and she never has a lack of ideas.

Laurence: Zendaya loved all of the leather pieces and the different textures of the leather. She says it's wearable, chic and a bit tough. Zac says Laurence's clothes are the most wearable, but there was a lack of runway impact to her show. Heidi agrees; it was missing a few "wow" moments. Nina says she's disappointed that she didn't see more of her impeccable tailoring that they were used to seeing during the season.

Who's Out and Who's the Winner

Heidi tells Rik he's out. She says the judges wish they heard his voice a little more clearly. Surprisingly enough, Laurence is the next designer out. Heidi says they love her designs, but her final collection lacked impact.

So it's Roberi and Erin in the final two.

And Erin comes out on top. Her collection was creative, gutsy and unique, just like she's been all season. Congratulations Erin!

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