'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'Finale Part 1'
'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'Finale Part 1'
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On episode 13 of Project Runway, the final four designers were sent home for six weeks to start on their collections for New York Fashion Week. After a visit from Tim, they all returned back to New York, where they had to prepare three of their looks to give the judges a sneak peek. While there were no looks in the top or bottom, each designer had a strong piece and a weaker piece. Let's take a look at some of the designs from the episode below. Each designer's strong look is pictured first, followed by their weaker look.

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PR_Ep13_Erin2.jpgErin's top look is everything the judges love about Erin's aesthetic. It's fun, playful and really experiments with odd materials and techniques. The judges say this look makes them excited to see more from her. The flowy white dress, however, just doesn't look exciting enough for them. Even though Erin hand-painted and designed her own print, it's lacking the originality of the other more unique parts of the collection.


PR_Ep13_Laurence2.jpgThe judges think that Laurence's white look with the open back is a stunning piece. And they have faith that Laurence is quite capable of making all of her models look that cool and edgy. But the second "bag romper" is a bit more controversial on the judging panel. Heidi and Zac think it looks like something new that they haven't seen before, especially from Laurence. Michael Kors and Nina say it borders on costume. This doesn't seem like constructive advice for Laurence going forward to the finale, but whatever she decides to do, she'll have to stick with her conviction for the reasoning behind her designs.


PR_Ep13_Rik2.jpgWhile Rik's first leather look was hip, sexy and cute, his weaker look did not impress the judges at all. They suggest making it shorter and maybe a little tighter to add to the sex appeal. Nina also worries that Rik's collection skews a little toward "junior."


PR_Ep13_Roberi2.jpgMaybe it's just a personal thing, but the judges seem to love Roberi's designs way more than I can comprehend. His collection is confusing to me, but the judges love the shiny colors in contrast with the army colors of the vests and jackets. They like the simple dress more than the slouchy look of the jacket and pants, but Nina suggests getting rid of the grungy styling and trying to make the whole collection look more expensive.

What do you think of the collections so far? Who is the most ready for the Fashion Week runway? Who is the least prepared? Who is going to win? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.

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