'Project Runway' Recap: Stuck on Prom
'Project Runway' Recap: Stuck on Prom
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Do you remember prom? The hair, the fashions, the date. If the night resonates as a confusing blur, tonight's episode of Project Runway: Teams will surely jolt your memory. 

That's right, you guessed it. The designers are taking on prom! Those of us who have been there and done that, we mostly want to forget those high school days. Hopefully, these teams can add some fun fashion sense to the occasion.

On the tail of last week's shocking elimination, we find that everyone expected Amanda to leave the competition and not Benjamin. I found the outcome pretty surprising myself, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt.

Heidi meets up with the remaining ten designers on the runway ... with a duck. Yes, Fred the duck is in attendance, bringing unwanted dark memories flooding to Tu's mind. He can't even look the poor duck in the face, he's so scared. Whether Tu likes it or not, Fred is a clue for today's challenge. 

The next stop is the workroom where Tim and guest Bill Kahl of Shurtech Brands joins him in introducing Duck brand duct tape. Wait for it, it gets even better.

Duct Tape Challenge: Teams of two will design a fashion forward prom dress made of duct tape. Each piece will be critiqued and voted on by real high school students. These votes provide 20% of the overall "grade" to be taken into consideration with the judges.

Seriously, this show is going to great lengths to have some sort of edge up on reality competition television. Duct tape dresses? If anything, it's entertaining.

Here are this week's teams:
Stanley and Layana
Richard and Daniel
Amanda and Michelle
Kate and Tu
Patricia and Samantha

Immediately, Richard and Daniel hoard every roll of gold duct tape in the room, commiting to their idea of a Beyonce-esque dress. Let's hope they mean Superbowl Beyonce and not Presidential Inauguration Beyonce.

Layana reprises her role as ultimate whiner while protesting the use of hot pink zebra print and pouting over not having any gold to work wither she and Stanley's idea. Probably just as annoyed with her as I am, Stanley encourages her to just find something else that she can shut up and be pleased with. She picks the black and white zebra print. So original.

The ever opinionated Kate is busy bossing Tu around, as usual. She has this grand idea for a floor length, dull blue gown and her partner simply answers to her every command. Later, Tim will frown at the dress, noticing its lackluster appeal. Only then will Kate consider Tu's opinions.

Meanwhile, in Patricia's crafty world, Samantha is finding it difficult to understand just what it is her detail oriented partner is trying to do. They have sketched separately and now are having to try and "make it work" as Tim would say. Patricia wants to layer the duct tape and cut into the layers, creating her own unique pattern. Interesting, yet it sounds time consuming ... again!

Lastly, Michelle and Amanda seem to be the underdog duo. Michelle has consistently stepped outside of the box and presented something fresh and well-constructed, but lives in the bottom looks. And Amanda just cannot seem to get it right. Perhaps their punk princess, red and black hounds tooth creation will strike a nerve.

Proceed single file into the gym, please, for the Project Runway presentation.

One by one, the five prom looks strut their way down the makeshift runway in front of a group of giggling teenagers. They could have at least decorated for a real prom or required that everyone dress the part. Oh well, perhaps Lifetime was asking for too much.

The students are then able to walk up to each team of designers and their corresponding look/model, ask questions, poke fun, laugh, take the dress and run ... you get the idea. The feedback is surprisingly favorable until Michelle and Amanda find that no more teens are walking their way. Pretty obvious who lost Prom Queen.

The next morning, the designers have one hour to take the constructive criticism given them by their high school admirers and alter their designs before hitting the runway. No one really makes many drastic changes.

The Runway

Zac Posen returns to his seat as a judge this week, joined by Nina Garcia and Heidi, of course. Plus, this week's guest judge is a fashion designer who has worked with First Lady Michelle Obama and Katy Perry, Chris Benz.

Best Looks

Patricia and Samantha: Nina calls this look a "Katy Perry moment" which most likely resonates with the high school students because this team was awarded the most votes. Will their silver and blue sci-fi experiment take the crown?

Stanley and Layana: Against Layana's will, the pink bow accent on top of a black and white sweetheart design, with matching petticoat, is the only design that moves like a real dress.

Amanda and Michelle: Finally, these two are recognized for a great risk. This rock star hounds tooth creation looks like something real rock star Gwen Stefani would love to wear. It's fun and cool.

Worst Looks

Kate and Tu: Tu really should have spoken up more. This is dull and old-fashioned at its best. "I don't get fantasy from this," says Zac.

Richard and Daniel: Maybe without the mariachi band ruffles gathering around the lower skirt, this golden egg would have worked. Heidi keeps a straight face when commenting that the dress looks 20 years old. 

So who stays and who goes?

Challenge Winner: Michelle

Eliminated: Tu AND Kate! A surprise double elimination!

Well, that was definitely unexpected. In all fairness, though, they both deserved it. Kate was at the helm of a disastrous design and Tu failed to speak up and let his ideas be heard. What do you think? Any other surprises seen tonight?

Tune in next week to Project Runway: Teams when the designers and judges all have something to blush about. Exotic male dancers from the Thunder Down Under group stand in as clients and models for this flustered bunch. Check it out on Lifetime!

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