'Project Runway' Recap: O! Jackie!
'Project Runway' Recap: O! Jackie!
When it comes to iconic women, there's no one more sleek and sophisticated than our former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Jackie O was always fashion forward and elegant even when dressed for a casual outing at the beach or bicycling with her kids in Central Park. And while most designers can turn out an expensive ballgown, it takes a lot of talent to make sportswear look rich and classic and that was the challenge on this week's Project Runway.
The designers were asked to create a modern version of a sportswear outfit that Jackie O might have worn. Across the board, it was a dismal failure, save one.

Things were quieter in the workroom with Casanova gone and even Michael C was off his game. Michael D took over as class clown and at the risk of sounding like an old schoolmarm, maybe he should have spent more time doing his work and less time cavorting with this friends.

Half way through the challenge, Tim came in with a twist, but it wasn't devastating for anyone except Valerie. In an uncharacteristically subdued manner, Tim announced that they all had to add an outerwear piece to their outfit but big deal, because he also gave them another full day to do it. The only reason Valerie had a problem was because she'd already made a jacket as her main piece, so she ended up having to layer a vest over the jacket and it was weird.

Once again, Gretchen gave her opinions on everyone's designs and once again she fell into the middle of the pack. She hasn't had a win in awhile now, so maybe it's time she started turning that critical eye on her own work.

Christopher became his own worst enemy when he tried to make a shrug out of rabbit pelts. Michael D drew his inspiration from the Puritans and Andy went with his funky Asian style throwing Jackie O completely out the window.

When it came time for the judging no one got off easy, except for the three boring outfits that landed in the middle of the pack. Even Michael C was surprised that he didn't land in the bottom. Once the judges got started, they had some unkind words for everyone, even the outfits they liked.

proje6107.jpgIvy, who helped her case by styling her model like Jackie O, was in the top three but still got taken down for her too small jacket. Christopher turned out a sleek dress but his shrug was called a dirty dishrag and a toilet seat cover. Only Mondo escaped the wrath of the judges and maybe that's because they were so amused by his outfit. Not the one he designed, the one he was wearing. He said it was inspired by The Cotton Club. Short shorts with suspenders and a white tee with a black vine creeping up the side. Tall socks and shiny tap shoes. He looked like a Goth elf. But he won, and that made me extremely happy. He's a creative guy and he was due a win. How fitting that he won this one, since he said he's had a photo of Jackie Kennedy on his fridge since he was a kid.

Michael D was sent home and that makes me sad. I thought it should have been Valerie.

Click here for a closer look at the dismal designs, but for now, here are a few zingers from this week:

Michael D. to Mondo: "You look like Jackie Kennedy today."
Christopher: "If Jackie came back as a tranny."

Michael C: "Opaque is not a color. And if it was, it would be called Ivy."

Finally, the only zinger from guest judge January Jones who did little else but sit and look pretty.

Michael Kors in regard to Andy's look: "Why is she wearing Nicole Kidman's boots from Cold Mountain?"

January Jones:  "And her hair from Far and Away!" Ouch.

Did the right designer go home this week? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke / Lifetime Television.