Project Runway: Preview of Episode 2 "We Expect Fashion"
Expectations are definitely high on tonight's episode of Project Runway, given the identity of the guest judge and the challenge in store.  The remaining 15 designers will once again have to prove they have what it takes to win that cash prize and the coveted glory of being a winner of this hit series.

Tonight on the Lifetime network, catch the new episode of Project Runway titled "We Expect Fashion."  The keyword to the challenge is the second one in the title, so there's your clue as to what to "expect" tonight on the show.

There's drama anew on "We Expect Fashion," as the designers get to work on a special type of dress only certain women can wear.  Fine, they're for pregnant ones.  The competition is fierce as each of them tries to best the others and please the guest judge - Rebecca Romjin.

With babies on the way and a contest to win, there's definitely going to be drama on the set of tonight's episode.  That is, if the comedy of wearing baby-bump plushies doesn't get to them.

On the previous episode of Project Runway, we got to know the designers competing for this season.  After the much awaited All-Star Challenge won by season 2's Daniel V., season 6 of the hit fashion series began.

The first challenge faced by the 16, other than getting over their starstruck expressions at seeing Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, was to design a red carpet look.  They had to show innovation and point of view in their output.  The models were assigned to them, and were given a whole day to work on their fashions.

Come runway time, they met up with guest judge Lindsay Lohan and in the end it was Christopher Straub who took the win.  Unfortunately, one designer had to be eliminated and that was Ari Fish.

Don't miss the new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime tonight, Thursday, August 27 at 10pm.  "We Expect Fashion" will be followed by another new installment of Model of the Runway at 11pm.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Lifetime
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