'Project Runway': I've Got a Bee in My Bonnet
'Project Runway': I've Got a Bee in My Bonnet
This week, the designers on Project Runway had to make a garment to go along with a wild, Philip Tracey hat. A great challenge, but I've got a bee in my bonnet over how the judges ranked the clothes. Here's a look at the designs that came in better or worse than they should have.

Should Have Ranked Higher

Christopher landed in the bottom three this week and I don't get it. His leggings and boots weren't the best but the top / vest / jacket thing he made was exquisite. The collar was beautifully shaped and it completely complemented the architectural style of the black, sharp-edged hat. Maybe not a winner, but certainly not in the bottom three!

AJ's polka dot dress was adorable and totally worked with the over-sized sun hat. It's like a casual version of the Ascot clothes from My Fair Lady. Tim complained that the woman who could afford such a dress would expect the polka dots to line up. But isn't the whole point of polka dots that they're scattered? It's a dress, not a game of Connect Four.


Should Have Ranked Lower

Michael C is my favorite personality on the show this season, but I don't see how he won with that bronze dress. Maybe it was TV but the fabric looked cheap and the color was awful as for design, it was a bunch of scarves sewn together. I don't think he should have lost, but a win was completely unexpected.

Valerie made a cute dress and mini-jacket but I don't see how it relates to the black mask at all. The mask has the feeling of Mardi Gras or maybe a Phantom of the Opera costume ball, but this dress was too everyday. Actually, that was the problem with most of the outfits. No one really went avant-garde and this would have been the time to do that. Remember Chris March? He would have eaten this challenge up with a gawdy, gem encrusted spoon.


Honorable Mention

Mondo is one wacky guy, isn't he? He made polka dot pants to got with a purple vest / shirt to go with a cooked shrimp that sat on his model's head. Taken all together it cries out for a mustache, doesn't it? Oh Mondo, how does he do all this and still end up in the middle of the pack?

Finally, we must talk about April and the diaper. How did she not lose with this bizarre combo. The judges say it's an outfit for the girl who is going away for the weekend and doesn't have time to change, she simply strips off one pair of panties per day and she's ready for the next. The real problem wasn't even in the design. It was the execution. Those shorts didn't fit well in the rear shot and what did any of this have to do with a fun, Asian-inspired hat?


What do you think? Did the designers get what they deserved? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke / Lifetime Television