'Project Runway': Fashion is Not For Sissies
'Project Runway': Fashion is Not For Sissies
Michael Kors summed up this week's episode of Project Runway by saying, "Fashion is not for sissies." You could roll your eyes at the irony of the fact that the show was filled with tears from beginning to end, but he's right. It's a tough business and you have to be able to take the hard knocks, the criticism and the money troubles in order to get to the top. 
Nina Garcia said in a recent interview, that this season's winner had the potential to be another Christian Siriano and you have to wonder if she's talking about Mondo. No one else in the bunch has that kind of imaginative spark and genuine nature. I do worry that he's peaking too soon, though once again, he had little competition in this week's runway show. It was another group of lesser of the evils. Here's the lineup.

Lesser of the Evils

Gretchen was in favor again this week with her boring blouse and trouser set that Michael Kors called disco earthy. Nina Garcia said that at least it wasn't another "Lady of the Canyon" look and for that I am glad. The outfit wasn't awful but it wasn't runway-worthy in the least and I can't believe the judges went for that strange yoke on the back of the pants. The fabric she created had a great design similar to a squash blossom necklace, but the print was too big and laid badly on the model's chest. Like "two fried eggs on her boobs," says Kors, and now that you mention it ...

April also made the top of the list with the top of her dress. She created an asymmetrical, one-sleeved cocktail dress in black, of course. The pattern for her fabric was a tree branch and loose hearts that was supposed to symbolize her parents getting a divorce when she was young. The bottom half of the dress was too poofy for the top but the judges didn't hate it. What amazes me about April is that behind the scenes, she seems like a happy, fun person but her designs are all dark and she never smiles on the runway. 


Almost Evil

Michael C and Christopher barely made it out alive this week as no one was deemed safe before judging. Michael was called out for the top of his dress which was said to resemble either a man's tie caught in the belt, or a face (the tie portion being the nose.) I thought it looked like a lot of work went into the outfit but it didn't show off his fabric very well which had a minuscule evil eye (how apropos!) in the center of each block. He said it represented the fact that his family was crooked and the FBI started a file ten minutes later.

Christopher, oh boy, he had such promise at the start of the season, I really thought he could win. This week he sent down a blouse / trouser combo that was similar to Gretchen's but it was so boring. He tried to defend it by saying that women want clothes they can wear everyday, so obviously he's missed the point of this show. It's not about ready-to-wear even when they claim it is. It's about wow factor on the runway and I don't think he has that in him.


The Evils

Valerie and Andy landed in the bottom two. As I mentioned yesterday, Valerie's dress was almost identical to the one she made in the party store challenge. The top and the bottom didn't look like they belonged together and the skirt looked like more napkins mixed with felt. She also chose to use an underskirt of electric blue that wasn't enough to make a statement, but too much to be ignored. Valerie was sent home but it was Andy who really disappointed the judges, and himself this week.

Andy was going to make a skirt and top, then changed it to pants because he wasn't feeling it, then cut the pants into short shorts and threw on this ugly blouse and vest. It was so not Andy and he knew it. He couldn't focus after the family visit and now he's on thin ice going forward. He's a creative designer of unusual clothing but not this week. Hopefully next we'll see the old Andy again.


Mondo's Win

Mondo was the clear winner again this week with another pattern and color combination that no one else on earth could have pulled off. His deeply personal fabric design came from a scary, sad place but on the runway it was bright and hopeful. How amazing is that? I don't think the camera captures the true brilliance of his work. For example, when the model took off the jacket, you could see that it was lined with a print similar to the top. When did he have time to make, let alone line a jacket! The tailoring on the pants was impeccable and he's got a great attitude and work ethic. I'm happy that he took home another win, but can he do it again? And does anyone know what the record is for most consecutive wins on Project Runway. I can't imagine there's anyone that's had more than three in a row. Maybe Mondo will be the first.


That's it for another runway show. What did you think of this week's designs?

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke / Lifetime Television