Project Runway: Episode 5.7 Predictions

This week on Project Runway 5, it appears the designers are once again being challenged to work with some unusual materials: automotive materials.

We are apparently deep into the part of the season that always vaguely annoys me: team challenges, weird materials and atypical models do push the creative envelope and make for better television. But the Vogue subscriber in me sometimes just wants to see the designers make some pretty clothes for models out of actual fabric. I'm pedestrian in my thinking, I know.

Which designers seem likely to rise to this challenge and who could be auf'd this week on Project Runway 5?

Keith Bryce had a nice offering for Brooke Shields, but his reliance on fabric swatches in a few challenges has the other designers questioning his decision-making abilities. He's landed in the bottom twice, both times for creating a messy look that didn't flatter his model's body. He has had one win, but I wonder if he is trending down on this season.

Jerell Scott has also been in the bottom a couple of time, and, like Keith, while he's won praise for a look, he's also shown some questionable judgment in what he's offered up on the runway. If he could more thoughtfully edit himself, he has some creativity that could work well, but it seems like an exuberant and headstrong take on things could be his downfall.

Leanne Marshall has been coasting along in the middle, but has dipped down to the bottom a couple of times as well. I think her vision might be a bit more sophisticated or developed than Keith or Jerell so I hope she can pull out the stops and stick around for a while.

I am still not jumping on the anti-Blayne Walsh bandwagon, but from a fashion perspective, I'm not sure he has enough to offer to keep him in the competition. Unlike the other designers listed above, he's been in the bottom twice but has actually never been called out as one of the top designs or the winner. The pack is getting thin enough that there isn't room for hiding in the center much longer.

As to who could win? Who seems better suited to using automotive materials than Stella Zotis? Maybe she'll even get some leathuh upholstery to work with. All kidding aside, working with leather has given her a strong background in working with tough materials, and so she has developed techniques and silhouettes that will work well with rigid or less-fabric-like items.

Korto Momolu will just keep on keeping-on by landing once again in my possible picks for a win. I just really believe in her talent and aesthetic and hope she keeps delivering. Kenley Collins, too, despite her giggling.

Terri Stevens is winning me over as well. As I mentioned in my Chic/Freak article, if she could bring the kind of over-the-top couture edge of her drag outfit to other challenges, she could really dominate. Her clean, urbane style is nice, but nothing special. Add in that extra spice we saw for the first time last week, and you've got a really interesting design sensibility. Fingers crossed that the drag challenge unlocked some more of her creativity for us to see on Project Runway 5.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

 (Image courtesy of Bravo)