Project Runway: Episode 5.6 Predictions
This week on Project Runway 5, the popular Season 4 contestant Chris March returns to give the designers their challenge: design an outfit for a drag queen.  Appropriately, RuPaul will be the guest judge.

While a gaggle of drag queens is certain to make for some entertaining television, will it result in any good design?  And if so, which designers are likely to succeed and who seems to be a prime candidate for a runway disaster?

I've sort of developed an affection for Blayne Walsh; after watching his audition video, it seems clear that he's just a bundle of energy and enthusiasm for fashion and that somehow makes his rambunctious workroom persona a little more palatable.  That said, this is apparently a super-"licious" episode, and it appears his catchphrase efforts are annoying his fellow designers as much as some of the viewers.  However, it does seem like his high-energy style and risk-taking could actually serve him well when designing for an over-the-top drag queen, so long as he gets one that likes neon and sportswear.  After all, if there is one segment of the population who seems like they could actually have find some use for his oddball diapered leotard from the first episode, it would be the drag queen community. 

Korto Momolu's style doesn't immediately leap to mind when hearing the phrase "drag queen."  But she does have experience and aptitude for designing for curvier women.  If she gets one of the bulkier queens, she might be in a good position to develop a look that works well for them, and a happy client on the runway can help convince the judges.

I think Kenley Collins' vintage sensibility and eye for quirky details could work well for a drag queen as well.   If she gets one of the ones who likes the Old Hollywood style, she might have a perfect match.  Jerell Scott's crazy Olympic outfit was not appropriate for that challenge, but the almost-costume sensibility there might help him in this Project Runway 5 episode.

Who might not do so well?

Daniel Feld is rapidly slipping down the ranks in my estimation.  He had some great looks to start with (actually his cup dress would be a perfect drag queen outfit; certainly there must be one out there with the name Dixxxie Cupps or something).  But his attitude and efforts lately have not been as impressive, and his insistence on his "high taste level" doesn't seem like a good match with a drag queen challenge.

Joe Faris has already gotten snippy about the number of "queens" in the workroom.  How will he handle an actual real-live drag queen as a client?

Suede is shown in the previews encountering some sass from his client.  Will it push him to create a great design or is the conflict going to be his downfall?

We'll find out on tomorrow's episode of Project Runway 5.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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