Project Runway: Episode 5.5 Recap
On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Heidi lets the designers know that they’ll be working with a high powered woman for their next challenge. In the studio, Tim introduces this week’s guest judge: Brooke Shields. Their challenge will be to design a look for her character, Wendy, on Lipstick Jungle. Wendy is a high powered exec as well as a mother of two. Tim delivers the twist in tonight’s challenge: everyone will sketch their ideas out for Brooke but only 6 designs will be chosen, which means they’ll be working in pairs tonight.

After each designer is given the opportunity to present their ideas to Brooke, the 6 best designs are chosen.  They are: Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri, and Blayne.  Tonight's winning design will be featured in the second season of Lipstick Jungle and will be worn by Brooke personally.  Daniel and Kelli work together and she vetoes the skirt he made after feeling that it looks like a total train wreck.  Terri is also unhappy with the work that her partner, Suede, is doing, and makes him redo his garments.

When Tim makes the rounds, he tells Kelli that she needs to pull her look together in order to be successful.  Despite their different work ethics, Tim is happy with what Terri and Suede have done thus far.  He's confident that Brooke will love what Keith has designed for her.  Tim is worried that Korto's jacket is cut way too big and will look baggy on the Lipstick Jungle star.

After the runway show, Kelli and Daniel land in the bottom.  Kelli's outfit is deemed cheap. When Daniel tries to defend himself and say that he has impeccable taste, it causes Kenley to burst out laughing at him, a reaction that offends him.  Blayne also lands in the bottom, for creating an outfit that was too casual for Brooke's character.  The winner of tonight's challenge is Keith and Brooke will be wearing his design in season 2 of Lipstick Jungle.  The judges decide to send Kelli home and this week, she'll talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Keith and Kenley

Jerell and Stella

Korto and Joe

Terri and Suede

Blayne and Leanne

Kelli and Daniel

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