Project Runway: Episode 5.4 Recap
On tonight's episode of Project Runway, Tim Gunn takes the contestants on a field trip to The Armory Track and Field Center.  Once they arrived, an athlete on skates came speeding around the track and when he arrived, the designers realized it was Apolo Anton Ohno.  He will be tonight's guest judge on their challenge.  They'll have to create a look for the U.S. team for the Opening Ceremony as the Olympic Games.  Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren have previously designed for the Olympics so these designers are in great company.  To help gain some inspiration, they'll visit a museum full of Olympics history before hitting Mood to buy their materials.

Stella is immediately drawn to a picture of an athlete wearing fur and decides that she wants to go gladiator style.  Tim is a little concerned when she decides to use black fabric.  Daniel struggles with coming up with idea, since he's into high end glamor.  Korto decides to mix leather and linen for her design.  Terri is aggravated when she sees that Keith has not only taken her fabric, but cut into it. 

Blayne struggles to focus in the work room and all he can talk about is how much he needs to go tanning!  Kenley's laughter starts to get on everyone's nerves.  The designers have strong opinions on Stella's design, feeling that it doesn't represent the Olympic spirit at all.  Joe gets annoyed that Daniel rethreaded his machine  without checking to see who was using it. 

After the runway show, Terri, Korto, and Joe earn the highest scores from the judges.  Jennifer, Jerell, and Daniel land in the bottom.  Korto is named the winner of tonight's challenge and is given immunity.  Jerell is sent to safety, leaving Jennifer and Daniel in the bottom two.  The judges feel that Daniel missed the challenge completely while Jennifer's style seemed stuck in the past.  Jennifer was eliminated and this week, she'll talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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