Project Runway: Episode 5.2 Recap
On tonight's episode of Project Runway, the designers picked the models that they wanted to work with this season.  Most stick with the ones that they were assigned last week but a few take models away from their competitors.  Tonight, they designers will work for their models and design cocktail dresses for them.  When they arrive at Parsons, Tim tells them that they have to use "green" products, that are gentle on the environment, for their garment.  He throws in one last twist - the models will take the budget of $75 and do the shopping for the fabrics, not the designers.  The models shop for 30 minutes and when they return, some designers are not happy with what they're given to work with.

Designers were given the same fabrics and colors as each other, which made it challenging to stand out.  Some where given materials to work with that they didn't like, such as satin, which shows every mistake.  Some designers didn't agree with the vision that their model had and took it in their own direction instead.  The cocktail dress had to be completed within one day, to add to the stress.

After Tim makes the rounds and inspects the designs, he lets them know that there will be a very special guest judge but they'll have to wait to see who it is.  The following day, the models arrive for their fitting and get into hair and makeup.  Daniel and Wesley race against the clock to finish their design and get it done with seconds to spare.

At the runway, there is an empty chair but it is quickly filled by tonight's guest judge, A-list star Natalie Portman. Things get started with Keith's design, who feels that his design embraced his point of view.  Terri loved the way her outfit turned out and her model worked it on the runway.  Wesley wished there were things he could've changed about the fabrics but was happy with what he did.  Jerell felt that his outfit was sexy and youthful.  Jennifer loved her dress, especially that it flowed as it was worked on the runway.  Daniel was happy he pulled his dress off and said his model looked like Audrey Hepburn.  Joe was certain that he nailed this design. 

Suede loves his dress, his model, and himself.  Kenley was thrilled that she was able to use green fabrics and was pleased with her design.  Kelli said that her design isn't something that she would typically do but she was happy to get out of her comfort zone.  Leanne felt proud of her dress and of the fact that she used green materials.  Stella watched her model with a positive outlook, feeling that her dress represented who she is as a designer.  Blayne felt that the judges responded well to his model and his design.  Emily wished she had more fabric since her dress was so short but felt that it was still pretty.  Korto thinks her design is chic and elegant, especially considering she used all green materials.

The judges liked Stella's design, feeling that it was made well and fit well.  Suede also scored points for putting a lot of hard work into his intricate design.  Kenley impressed the judges with taking her green materials and making her dress look elegant.  Wesley landed in the bottom because the dress was too tight.  Heidi said there wasn't one thing that she liked about it.  The judges were disappointed in Korto, who felt like she didn't use her fabric well.  Leanna also landed in the bottom because her ideas were all over the place and didn't turn out a dress that scored high with the judges.

Suede is named the winner by Heidi and his dress will be sold on  Suede was happy with himself and praised himself (in the third person, of course).  Wesley and Leanne were left in the bottom two but it was Wesley who was sent home.  Wesley will talk to BuddyTV this week in an exclusive interview.  Don't miss out on hearing what he has to say!

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