Project Runway: Episode 5.2 Chic or Freak?
Last night's episode of Project Runway 5 put the models in charge for once as they had the chance to shop for fabrics and direct the designers. As we've seen in the past, some designers bristled a bit at having to take their clients' taste into account (or, in the case of Stella Zotis/Joanna Ramone, their client's taste for anything other than “leathuh”).

Despite this, there were some good looks, as well as the usual crop of misses, so let's take a look at my picks for the Best (Chic!) and Worst (Freak!) from this episode of Project Runway 5.


First, a note on Suede's. (For the full set of pictures of the dresses, see the recap.) I did really love the body of his dress, and thought the bias strips were extremely creative and beautiful. But as one of our commenters noted on the recap, I also felt the overall fit was off; the shoulders, especially the left, seemed a little baggy. And I think this is just a personal taste thing, but I felt like the poufy skirt didn't work with that light champagne color. So I'm not putting him in the top for this episode of Project Runway. This just goes to show how utterly capricious these picks are because last week I overlooked Kelli's coffee filter top based on the strength of her skirt. I never promised you all consistency.

Now for those that I did like. Kenley Collins' was beautiful to me, with the confident element of the standup collar contrasted against the restraint of the dress. The fit – a major challenge for other designers – was perfect. Her model looks glowing and gorgeous; and she deserves kudos too, for picking a color that looks so wonderful on her. I am so far very impressed with Kenley. I think her design shows a combination of bravado and restraint. Her style might be different, but this particular combination reminds me of what made Christian Siriano from last season so exciting to watch.

In a distance second, Jennifer Diederich's wasn't as exciting (and I'm not sure how “cocktail” this cocktail dress is), but it pretty nonetheless and had great movement. And I'm almost reluctant to admit this for my third place finisher, knowing that I am going to be flamed for this…but I thought Blayne Walsh's looked great. It was almost ‘80's trashy, but in this case, the odd and almost off-element of that voluminous shoulder gives it a modern edge, and the bagginess offsets the tightness of the dress. Okay, let the flaming begin!

In the almost-ran category…I liked Daniel Feld's concept, but the multi-level hemline almost looked like it had construction issues and the bodice looks like it could have been fit better. Terri Stevens' design was nice and well-executed, but I felt like her experience in retail fashion shows in that this looks more Banana Republic than runway.

Now for the bad news…



Jerell Scott. Um. It's like…Vegas cocktail waitress in a Western-themed casino. Enough said.

Leanne Marshall. A chorus girl's costume from Ziegfield Follies Goes to the Future.

Wesley Nault. “I didn't know I was going to a cocktail party tonight so my dress was in a wadded-up ball in my hamper. What? Can you tell?”

Korto Momolu. I don't have a one-liner for her…I actually like deconstructed elements, seaming, inside-out stuff, but no, this didn't work. I appreciate her taking a creative spin and for looking to accentuate curves. But “accentuating curves” does not equal “creating artificial saddlebags.”

And with that, I'm donning my fashion helmet and preparing for the outrage that I probably just generated by putting Blayne in the Best category.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of BravoTV)