Project Runway: Episode 5.12 Recap
On tonight's episode of Project Runway, it's a high pressure situation for the final four contestants because only three are moving on to New York Fashion Week.   After last week's model swap, Korto decides to stick with Katarina and doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers.  Heidi tells the designers to head to the lobby to meet with Tim for a little field trip.  Who doesn't love field trips?  They arrive at the New York Botanical Garden, where the meet up with Collier Strong, the consulting makeup artist for L'Oreal Paris.   For their challenge, the designers will have to construct an evening gown inspired by nature.  Everyone was given a camera and one hour to explore the garden and come up with some inspiration.

Back in the studio, the final four are given 30 minutes to choose just one photograph to work off of for their design.  After shopping at Mood, and getting back to the studio, Kenley runs into a huge problem when she realizes that she forgot a bag at the store with items crucial to the success of her design.  She needs tulle to make her dress look fuller.  Jerell has extra tulle but doesn't tell her because he thinks she's a one trick pony and Korto agrees with his decision, feeling that she is rude to the judges.  It seems Kenley doesn't have a friend left in the competition. 

When Tim visits the next day, he tells Kenley that if it's on her receipt, she'll be allowed to go back and get it.  First though, the models stop in for a fitting and Collier consults with each designer about the makeup that will compliment their looks.  Afterwards, Tim makes the rounds to give his feedback and as usual, Kenley doesn't listen to any of his advice.  Tim is a little worried about Korto's design, feeling that the back and the front of her dress don't go together.  She'll need to find a way to tie it all in.  He likes the way that Jerell layered his dress but think it looks unfinished.  Tim finishes up with Leanne, saying that her dress looks a little too Hello Dolly.  She's going to need to give it a more modern, fresh look to stay in the competition.

At tonight's last runway before the final challenge, Heidi, Nina, and Michael are joined by guest judge Regina Chapman, cofounder and designer for Marchesa.  The panel is happy to see Leanne's design, which the call soft and feminine.  Nina, however, is not a fan of the bustle while Michael doesn't like the blue fabric in the back.  The judges love the way that Korto constructed her dress but don't think it's very sophisticated, calling it very "pageant". 

Heidi likes Jerell's dress but thinks it needs to be yanked up a bit in the cleavage area.  The judges love his youthful look but think the construction is a bit messy.  Kenley loves her design but the panel doesn't feel the same way, calling it creepy and saying it doesn't feel organic at all.  She becomes offended and defensive, talking back to everyone on the panel.  Heidi finally fires back, saying that she comes off as flippant as smug.

Each designer is asked why they should move on to Fashion Week and which 2 designers they'd love to see come with them.  Jerell leaves Kenley out, as do Korto and Leanne.  Kenley stands up for herself, saying that she takes risks and does it with sophistication.  She apologizes for her attitude, saying that she grew up tough and fought her way through life.  Kenley says that she would take Leanne and Jerell to Bryant Park.

Heidi tells the contestants that this is the closest runway show that the panel has ever had to judge.  Leanne and Jerell are in and will be moving on to Fashion Week.  Jerell is named the winner of the botanical challenge.  Since the panel couldn't make a decision, they send everyone home to work on their collections but still, only three will move on to Bryant Park.  No one is safe until the collections are shown.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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