Project Runway: Episode 5.11 Predictions
On last week's episode of Project Runway 5, Joe Faris was sent home for his unsuccessfully retro working woman outfit. Suede seemed to just narrowly avoid elimination with an outfit that seemed to offend Nina Garcia's every fashion fiber and leave her rigid with righteous indignation.

For the viewers, though, it was probably Kenley Collins who caused the most offense. Her hubris and self-satisfaction seemed to tip many in the audience from being mildly irritated into having outright dislike. She is scornful of advice from Tim Gunn and it appears she is possibly being set up for a big pride-goeth-before-a-fall storyline. So what could happen this week on Project Runway 5?

Well, as much as I'm not particularly impressed with Kenley's attitude, from a fashion justice perspective, I would much rather Suede goes home rather than her. I continue to not understand what his aesthetic is, and week after week I see fit issues in what he sends down the runway.

I had a friend of mine look through the finale collections on Bravo's website. She works somewhat tangentially in fashion and who hasn't been watching the show, so I was interested to hear her opinion, as it would be uninfluenced by the personalities of the contestants. Her comment for Suede: “Why is he a fashion designer?” She saw nothing in what he produced that would indicate that vision that you would want to see from someone who had picked this as a career.

It is, of course, possible that he will pull through again, and that Kenley's story is building to an exit. Jerell Scott has been trending more positive lately, but of the other designers, he's the only other person I could imagine being sent home. If Korto Momolu or Leanne Marshall were to somehow be sent home before the final three, I think I'd have to stop watching Project Runway in protest.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of BravoTV)