Project Runway: Episode 5.10 Predictions
This week, the six designers who survived last week's episode of Project Runway 5 showed their collections at Bryant Park.  But, as we know from previous seasons, some of the designers showing were simply decoys and not actually part of the finale.  We'll still be whittling down the designers by one more on this week's episode.

The challenge this week is to design an outfit to help college women prepare for the working world.  Who might find themselves preparing for a trip home at the end of this episode of Project Runway 5?

It's a little frustrating writing this after having looked through the collections offered at Bryant Park this week.  There was such a huge gap between the best and worst in what was shown, it's pretty amazing.  I can only hope that the bad design and sloppy  fit of some of the designers' work were due to them being eliminated over the next few episodes and ergo not feeling as invested in the outcome of the show.  (Although it could be a career-making opportunity so really, there's no excuse.)  Because otherwise: yikes!

But I am going to make these picks just based off of what we have seen so far because that's how these things work. 

While he hasn't yet created anything truly offensive, I continue to be completely underwhelmed by almost everything that Suede has produced.  

Blayne Walsh, who was sent home last episode while Suede was spared, might have made some outrageous and ridiculous outfits, but at least he had some kind of vision. Whether or not you liked that vision was another story.  But I still don't understand what Suede's personal aesthetic is, but what's worse, I don't know if he does either.  I think at this point, at least everyone else left has a clear point of view, and so I think unless someone else makes a major misstep, he would be my first pick for being auf'd.

But one possible misstep?  Like all the designers, Kenley Collins will be working with a client.  Now, she seems like a great fit for knowing what another young woman would want to wear, but if she gets a client who doesn't like a riotous print or exaggerated silhouette, she's going to have to rein herself in.  Her behavior in last week's Project Runway episode would seem to indicate this could be a problem.

I've not been a fan of Joe Faris so far, but I do think he could do okay in this challenge because of his sportswear background and more traditional sensibility.  He might be actually a good candidate for creating a professional yet young look for one of these girls.

Jerell Scott is a wild card to me.  He's shown some good ideas, but I still don't find his vision a consistent winner.  I think he could go either way.

And Leanne Marshall and Korto Momolu: still on the top of my list. Fingers crossed they keep making it through.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Bravo)