Project Runway: Episode 4.8 Predictions

Oh Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. I've already invoked her name once, but I'll say it again: will Ricky Lizalde be the Wendy Pepper of Season 4 of Project Runway?

So far our policeman-hatted former dancer and current lingerie designer has been in the lowest scoring group four times out of seven runway challenges, and two of those times, he was in the bottom two. He's had no wins so far, but he continues to hang on. One can't help but be reminded of Wendy Pepper and her making it all the way to fashion week by being the “second worst” more often than not.

Will this week be the week he finally either loses his grip on the “Bad, but not so bad he has to go home” toehold he eked out and tumbles off the runway? Will he continue his run of narrow escapes? Or has he been hiding his true talent under his assortment of hats and will he wow us all this week?

Well, I just don't know. Project Runway can keep you guessing at times, and this is one of them. Just looking at past performance, by all rights, Ricky would be out this week, but if someone has a worse slip-up, he could be safe.

So who could have a worse slip-up? That could be anybody, of course. As we learned with Kevin Christiana last week, even the generally solid can falter and find themselves run off the runway.

Looking at overall performance, though, I'm still keeping Sweet P on the list. She hasn't had any wins yet, and she's ended up in the lowest-scoring group three times so far. She's also been called out in the highest twice, but I think that her spotty performance has to catch up with her sometime. It looks like this next challenge has some last-minute changes (time management not being her strong suit) but it also looks like she is at some point paired up with Rami Kashou. The two are shown having conflict, but could his strong construction abilities shore up her weak areas?

At a minimum, I'm taking the usually strong Rami off the potential win list; he's featured so much in the preview and looks so unhappy on the runway, I'm taking a gamble that it's not all some misdirection.

The previews also show Tim Gunn exhorting the designers to not be practical and take things pretty far. Who could that benefit? Definitely Chris March. He's gotten in trouble for his theatricality in the past on Project Runway , but it could work in his favor this week. Although her work on the show has sometimes been more muted, Kit Pistol's work as shown on the pre-season runway did have some dramatic elements, so maybe on a challenge where she can really let loose, she'll finally take a win.

What do you think?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Bravo)