Project Runway: Episode 4.2 "Money Changes Everything" Live Thoughts
On last week's Project Runway, we met the newest crop of designers who got to create any design they wanted to show the judges what they could do.  Unfortunately, Elisa showed too much with lots of unnecessary fabric hanging from her dress.  Simone showed too little, with an incomplete two piece ensemble.  Rami won the challenge, proving himself to be an early favorite.  Tonight, the designers will be surprised by a guest visitor who becomes the subject of their challenge.  It's time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your feelings about your favorite (or least favorite) outfits!

As I said last week, I signed up for TRESemme's Fantasy Runway and made me picks before the episode aired.  I chose Christian as the winner, Elisa as the contestant who will be eliminated, and Chris with the best hair concept.  We'll see how I do.

Heidi lets the contestants choose the model that they want to work with.  Rami will get the first pick but the rest of the order is chosen at random.  Wendy isn't chosen by any of the designers and is sent home.

For their challenge, Heidi tells them they'll design an outfit for a fashion icon.  They all try to guess who from Britney to Rhianna but no one can figure out who the mysterious guest will be.  Sarah Jessica Parker walks in the room and everyone flips out.  The designers will have to create an outfit for SJP's line, Bitten.

It all seems fine and good until they find out their budget is $15 and the outfit must retail for less than $40.  Chris suggested toilet paper as his material.  Ha!  They'll also have to work in teams.  Oh, some people aren't going to be happy.

I wish I could draw like a designer.

They are pitching their ideas to SJP.  Elisa suggested a cape that could turn into a hood.  WHAT?  Aww, Chris is so nervous.  He's so cute.  Time for Sarah Jessica to choose the 7 designs she's going to use: Elisa (surprising), Kit, Victorya, Marion, Ricky, Christian, and Rami.   The winning design may be sold as part of Bitten's fall collection.  Nice!

Everyone pairs up and Sweet P is last chosen and put on Elisa's team.  Only one of them is happy about it.  You guess which is which.  Elisa just spit on the dress to mark it.  Wow.

Ricky can't stop crying about Sarah Jessica.  I'm not sure why.  I guess he really likes her.

Tim makes the rounds.  He thinks Marion's design may be too complicated and not get finished in time.  Tim tries to give Christian advice but he says that his design is perfect.  Maybe he needs a little humble pie for Thanksgiving.  Tim just called Elisa "cuckoo".  Hilarious.

Everyone gets their models ready and everyone is hoping to impress SJP and be a part of her line.  Who wouldn't be nervous?  Most people seem happy with their work but Marion and Steven seem a little uneasy.

Time for the fashion show.  Kit's design is okay, nothing that wows me.  Elisa's dress is interesting but I don't know that I'd buy it.  I take that back.  I know I wouldn't.  No, I do not like Rami's design.  Marion's model looks like a Native American.  Victorya's dress looks very cool but I could do without the big bow.  Christian's is a good design, but seems a little 80s.  I think I like Ricky's dress best.  It seemed like something someone would buy in the mall.

Elisa, Victorya, Marion, and Christian are called forward with their partners.  Everyone else is through to the next round.  Those four with their partners have to stay behind and find out if they're the top or the bottom of the pack.  Yes, Michael Kors just agreed with me about Marion's dress!  The judges are just KILLING the dress.  Heidi just asked Elisa what planet she is from but the judges love the dress.  Maybe Elisa has gone from the bottom of the heap to the top.

Sarah Jessica named Victorya as the winner.  Man, I thought Ricky had it!  SJP has decided to sell her design as part of her line this fall.  Elisa and Sweet P are sent out, advancing to the next round.  Steve is asked to stay as is Carmen.  It's down to Christian and Marion.  Heidi keeps Christian and eliminates Marion.  Not that surprising when you put the two designs up against each other.

Marion will be enjoying his Thanksgiving tomorrow but will be talking to BuddyTV early next week.  Don't miss it!

By the way, how off was I in my Fantasy Runway picks?  Ugh.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)