'Project Runway:' Camel and Lace
'Project Runway:' Camel and Lace
This week's Project Runway was loaded with drama which is a good thing because the runway show itself was one of the most boring to date. Let's take a closer look at the designs that won, should have won and failed miserably.


In a complete upset over previous weeks, Casanova and Peach were the top two designers on last night's episode of Project Runway. Casanova really is good at what he does but he's been letting the competition get to him and it almost cost him the show. I was surprised when Tim said the outfit was old-ladyish because check out the back on this. I don't know too many bingo-playing mamas who would wear that! It is a bit Victorian from the front but the pants make it very chic.


Peach made a very well-tailored lace top for her garment then lined it with a silky, dark red that really made it rich. I loved the blue of the skirt and the button and chain detail was very military dress uniform. I wasn't sold on the top and bottom as one outfit, but apparently, I'm a bad judge of fashion. I preferred Valerie's white suit with the blue camy and leggings. It was sharp and the detailing brought in that military styling that was part of the challenge.



The losing team worked more collaboratively so it's hard to note a clear loser in the bunch. Actually, it's not that hard. Ivy turned out this bizarre combination of shorts with a long vest that the judges called Golden Girls but it was all Maude! Carol Lynley also wore a long vest like that in Poseidon Adventure but she did it with hot pants and go-go boots not a matronly blouse and burgundy tights.

I thought Ivy had the worst outfit, but AJ lost mostly due to the fact that he only made an ill-fitting shirt dress while his teammates made jackets, pants and multiple tops. From the waist up, she did look like a flight attendant, but the waist down was even worse. The uneven hemline accentuated how short the dress was so it ended up looking like a girl who threw on her boyfriend's shirt after a tumble. Only, that usually looks sexy. This simply looked sad.


That's the best and the worst and not a wow moment among them. What did you think of this week's designs? Have you changed your mind about who could win this thing? I still think Christopher and Andy could step up and take it, even Mondo has a shot at the top three. My bet for next week is that Michael C will be going home. I hope not, though, because I'd miss him.

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Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke / Lifetime Television.