Project Runway: An Unfair Elimination (Or Lack There Of)
On last night’s episode of Project Runway, the final four designers were taken to the New York Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful places in the city. There, they were given a camera and one hour to take photos in order to gain inspiration for an evening gown. When they returned to Parsons, they had just 30 minutes to choose a single photo to work off of. After the runway show, the judges gave their highest scores to Jerell and Leanne, with the lowest scores going to Korto and Kenley. The panel could not decide who to eliminate, so they came to the conclusion that all four should go home and work on their collections but only three would make it to Bryant Park. This surprising move left Project Runway fans wondering: Is this fair?

Maybe I don't know anything about fashion, but I didn't think Kenley's design was too bad.  Korto's was way more underwhelming though I do think that overall, Korto has performed significantly better than Kenley this season.  Fans have been crying for Kenley to go home for weeks, hating the way she interacts with her fellow designers and the attitude she shoots the judges.  Should someone's personality dictate whether or not they make it to Fashion Week, though?

In a way, I'm glad that the judges didn't get rid of her because they don't like the way she behaves.  That would have been very Tyra Banks of them and honestly, nobody really cares what a model's personality is like, as long as I open up a magazine and see a pretty picture of her.  I have to sort of admire Kenley, in a way.  Sure, I don't like her attitude as much as anyone else but she's clearly passionate about designing and stands by anything she puts on that runway.  Her biggest problem is that she can't take constructive criticism, which don't bode well for her as a designer.  You have to listen to somebody, don't you?

Jerell and Leanne absolutely should've been given one way tickets to Bryant Park.  They had the highest scores and they shouldn't have to be punished because Heidi and company couldn't come to a decision.  I think next week's episode will play out just the way everyone thought last night's would: Kenley goes home and Jerell, Leanne, and Korto move on to Fashion Week.  With everyone at Bryant Park talking about Leanne's collection, I'll go with them (since they're the experts) and predict that in 2 weeks, she's named the winner of Project Runway, season 5!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)