'Project Runway All Stars' Judge Georgina Chapman on Wearing a Dress from an Unconventional Christmas Challenge
'Project Runway All Stars' Judge Georgina Chapman on Wearing a Dress from an Unconventional Christmas Challenge
Tonight on Project Runway All Stars "A Very Unconventional Christmas" delivers a seasonal surprise that everyone --but the designers-- love: an unconventional challenge. Designers are sent to a Christmas store and must create a non-Christmas look using the items they found. Sounds almost impossible!

Project Runway All Stars judge, Georgina Chapman recently talked to press in a conference call and discussed how some of tonight's looks are her favorite, how long it takes to film a judges critique, her documentary and more.

On just how long it takes to shoot those few minutes of the judges commenting on the designers looks:  "It's a whole day shoot. We really do talk about it in depth, myself, Isaac and Carolyn and whoever our guest judge is. We do really care about our designers.  We form quite a bond with them and we feel very responsible. It's not a flippant decision.  It can be very hard sometimes. So we give it the time that it needs.

On which design of this season she'd like to wear: ...There was quite a lot actually. I'd love to say what's to come, but I think some of the best is yet to come. I just can't give it away, ...this week is actually one of my favorites. ...One of the dresses in this week, a couple of the dresses actually I would wear even though they're unconventional, but I think they're some of my favorites.

On her favorite challenge of Project Runway All Stars: I actually really do love the upcoming challenge this week because it's a little unconventional. I like those unconventional challenges because they always come up with surprising things and people have to push themselves to be at their most creative. 

On how filming her Lifetime documentary about Marchesa, airing December 20 after Project Runway All Stars, is different from the show and having cameras around all the time: It was quite different. I felt like the contestants. I have a lot more sympathy. It's like they see your time and you're working. They get to see a lot because you become unaware that they're there after awhile.  It's interesting when I watch it because I was getting an outside perspective on what goes on.  I think they did a great job and I'm really happy with it.  

And will there be any celebrity appearances? Yes there are. There are people talking about the dresses, actresses who've worn the dresses, editors talking about Marchesa. You get a glimpse inside of our shows. You get a glimpse inside of a charity show we did.  Then you get a glimpse inside an award season and the process behind the making of a dress.

On how pregnancy affects her design process:  It's funny because I sometimes feel I'm most creative when I'm pregnant. I guess because I am physically creating at the same time.  I just keep going. The show must go on. You just work through and obviously some days you're a little more tired than you normally might, be but I do feel very creative when I'm pregnant. I love tapping into that energy because I think that's what my whole physical being is about at this time. 

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