'Project Runway' 7: Preview of Episode 12 'The Big, Top Designers'
'Project Runway' 7: Preview of Episode 12 'The Big, Top Designers'
It's the final episode before the big finale of Project Runway 7, and we're getting a big surprise as "The Big, Top Designers" grace/s our screens tonight. If you paid attention to the title, you can bet this episode will be a lot of fun for the whole family. Yes kids, we're going to the circus.

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On "The Big, Top Designers," the remaining Project Runway contestants are tasked to create fashions inspired by the big top. With this challenge determining who goes to Fashion Week, we can expect the designers to go all out and amaze us with such fashion feats. Unfortunately though, one of them will have to face the danger of elimination, much like putting your head in the lion's mouth.

Tonight we'll witness the Project Runway take on The Greatest Show on Earth, but it doesn't look as though the designers will be watching. They'll be working their magic fingers to the bone in the workroom, trying to impress the judges. And us, of course.

Guest judge tonight is fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, who we remember for eliminating Gordana on last season's final challenge. Just like that last time, two designers will be going home this week. Any guesses on the final three yet?

Anyway, the drama tonight stems from the stress brought about by the high-top stakes. Next week, we'll head to Bryant Park with Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim for the first part of the Project Runway finale. But before that, let's check out a preview of what to expect on "The Big, Top Designers."

Ringmaster Tim Gunn doesn't seem too pleased with Emilio though, and vice versa. Could it just be the pressure brought about by the competition, or is that designer just defiant? Well, Project Runway never skimps out on such tension.

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Anyway, don't miss "The Big, Top Designers" as it airs on Lifetime tonight. Only three of the designers will be twisting their way out of the challenge like acrobats, while the other two might just fail and fall down the trapeze.

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