Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 11 "Sew Much Pressure"
Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 11 "Sew Much Pressure"
What makes tonight's Project Runway episode exciting isn't just the identity of the guest judge. Fans have been waiting for "Sew Much Pressure" for some time now, because rumor has it that one of the ousted designers will return.

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That means someone else will be asked to leave the competition and once again introduce another Project Runway twist. April Fool's joke? No, but the hardly constructed, highly edited reality TV show plot thickens.

On "Sew Much Pressure" tonight, it's drama over design as the episode focuses more on the workroom than what the actual challenge is. But the designers still have to impress Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, who'll be joining Heidi, Michael and Nina on the panel.

Anyway, the workroom is bursting with stress and one designer just might not make it. Sources have pointed out that "Sew Much Pressure" will be the one to answer the question we've all been wondering about. Why didn't Maya show a collection at Fashion Week?

The following preview isn't helping much though, since it misleads us into thinking Seth Aaron's the one eliminated. But we know better. He's tough and can handle pressure. Unless he's been tricked into yet another ploy of Tim Gunn's, just so we have another first in the history of Project Runway.

As for the designer who's coming back, we're hoping it's the one who got eliminated last week - Anthony. Among the choices that the promo below offers, he seems like the only one worth hauling in to "shake up the entire competition."

A lot of fans are already rallying against the return of the other two - Ping and Jesse, who weren't really all that popular in the competition to begin with. But one thing's for sure, their return will certainly throw off the game. Not to mention the notions of the viewers.

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Anyway, don't miss tonight's Project Runway episode as "Sew Much Pressure" airs at 10pm on Lifetime.

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