Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 10 'Hey, That's My Fabric'
Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 10 'Hey, That's My Fabric'
Geek chic might just be taking over the runway tonight as the designers work on a tech-inspired challenge on Project Runway. Let's see if our workroom robots will be able to hone their creativity and create clothes to impress the judges.

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It might be tough to do so, since the guest judge for the episode "Hey, That's My Fabric" is Vivienne Tam. The noted fashion tycoon has a lot to say about the contestants' HP-inspired looks. Will they be able to "invent" and inspire, or just invent excuses as to why their designs are less than appealing?

As many know, Tam has worked with Hewlett Packard in designing a range of notebook computers. With her expertise in combining technology with fashion, surely the Project Runway designers will pick up a thing or two.

They're really going to need help since the challenge becomes another epic moment in the history of the show. According to the trailer below, the designers won't be needing a trip to Mood Fabrics tonight. That's because they're given the task of creating their very own textile patterns.

At first, all the contestants have a hard time figuring out what to paint (digitally, mind you). But once they get the hang of it, they succeed in making an impact. Even on Nina Garcia. Catch what she says on the end of the clip.

From what we've seen, the fabric patterns that these guys made are pretty remarkable. Or maybe I'm just blown away by the burst of technology in the workroom. Whatever the case, it promises to be an exciting installment of the show.

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Drama's been put away for the sake of fun, but this challenge eventually gets personal when Tim starts commenting on the designs. Don't forget to catch tonight's Project Runway episode, "Hey, That's My Fabric" as it airs on Lifetime at 10pm tonight.

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