Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 4 "Design Your Heart Out"
Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 4 "Design Your Heart Out"
If that title doesn't lean towards an early Valentine's Day episode of Project Runway, it's got to be something bloody.  But we doubt this show would go there.  Still, with potato sacks and farm fashion last week, we don't really know how far the competition will go.

Anyway, we need to put the jokes aside for "Design Your Heart Out."  The preview promises an "emotional challenge" for the remaining designers.  What that means is to expect some tear-jerking moments and inspirational montages.  In addition to a red-filled runway, that is.

Tonight on Project Runway, the designers will be meeting their new clients - regular women with extraordinary tales behind them.  They've all had to face heart diseases in their lives, and they're all part of the Go Red Campaign.  It promotes awareness of cardiovascular illnesses, with the help of the American Heart Association.

The contestants will certainly let their feelings take over for this challenge, but we're hoping that won't compromise their designs.  As the judges explain on the clip below, we might just see red once we gaze on their creations.  What's more, it won't be in a good way.

Some of those clothes are looking a bit too Happy Hearts Day tablecloth-y to me, but maybe Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors have other things to say about it.  Joining them as guest judge for tonight is the ever so fashionable Georgina Chapman, the British designer who is the wife of Project Runway producer Harvey Weinstein.

It isn't the first time we've had her on the show though.  She was also a guest judge in season 5 in the episode "Nature Calls," which was won by designer Jerell.

But tonight, we'll see if this season's designers will impress her with their rouge creations.  The contestants will come face to face on "Design Your Heart Out," as Project Runway airs at 10pm on Lifetime.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Lifetime
(Image Courtesy of Lifetime)