Project Runway 5: Finale Predictions
Over the past few days, we've taken a look at the biographies of each of the final three contestants and built the case for why each of them could be deserving of the win on Wednesday's finale of Project Runway 5.

But enough with being even-handed, now it's time to place some bets in this clotheshorse race. Obviously, each of the women competing for that top spot have strong talent, have worked hard, and can produce some lovely looks. But which one will walk away with the prize on Wednesday's finale of Project Runway 5?

Right off the bat, I'm taking Kenley Collins off the list. It's great that this designer, at such a young age and without the same kind of formal fashion training as Korto Momolu or Leanne Marshall, could compete and make it as far as she did. In fact, when you consider how consistently cleanly-made her clothes were, and then recall she went to school for marketing, it's even more impressive. But I just cannot imagine that the finale collection she showed would inspire a win compared with what Leanne or Korto produced.

As noted, Leanne is the one who seems to have generated the most excitement at Fashion Week, but I am not going to count Korto out yet. Why?

Because this is a reality show.  I do believe the Bravo shows like Project Runway try a little harder than most to make decisions based on end result and not drama.  Nevertheless, the fact is that the entire season is telling us a story, and good stories generally have a protagonist facing adversity to triumph in the end.

Both Korto and Leanne have been understated as personalities in the workroom. Leanne appears to be a relatively cheerful, mellow girl with a quiet sense of humor. Korto is a deadpan, even mildly curmudgeonly type who also seems more focused on her work than in making good television.

But of the two, we've learned the most about Korto's personal story, and about the emotional component to what a Project Runway win would mean to her.

Now I am not saying the judges would be rewarding Korto with a win simply because she had an extremely traumatic early life. Rather, she could win based on the merits of her design, and the editing that has been happening in recent weeks was designed to help make that win more poignant and meaningful to the audience.

I could be reading the tea leaves wrong here, and Leanne might have just been edited to be the world's most understated reality show winner. 

And the truth is, either way - Korto or Leanne -  I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Leanne seems to have a bit of an edge when it comes to her level of sophistication and taste, but then again, she spent years in Los Angeles. Time spent in a major fashion hub can work to whittle away the occasional lapses in taste you might see in someone like Korto, who hasn't seemed to have spent as much of her life in that kind of environment.  I could see, though, Korto easily having the same kind of taste level after just a couple of years absorbing the street scene in a place like Manhattan or Paris.

But besides that, to my mind, the women are really equal in terms of personal vision, and picking one over the other comes down to what your personal sense of style or femininity prefers.

Leanne's Scorpio dress sums her up perfectly to me: mysterious, odd, beautiful, architectural, yet delicate. Korto's first dress for season told us a lot about her style: bright, bold, full of volume, embellished, womanly, modern yet with just a hint of something traditional and ethnic.

Both styles are gorgeous, both styles are interesting, both present an idea about being a woman that is somehow powerful and sensual without being overtly sexy. So either way, although this last season of Project Runway on Bravo has been a bit dullsville from a drama perspective, I'm glad it's introduced us to these two very talented designers.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Bravo TV)