Get to Know the 'Project Runway' All-Star: Kathleen 'Sweet P' Vaughn of Season 4
Get to Know the 'Project Runway' All-Star: Kathleen 'Sweet P' Vaughn of Season 4
Project Runway All-Stars kicks off January 5. Here, we refresh our memories about the designers who've set their sights on another shot at fashion glory.

Kathleen "Sweet P" Vaughn can cross quite a few things off her bucket list. She's participated in a motorcycle gang (the fun kind), competed on season 4 of Project Runway and landed her very own BuddyTV article! (Well, two out of those three are impressive.) And now Sweet P can cross off another item she probably didn't even know was possible: She'll return on Project Runway: All-Stars, and bring her super-girly approach to a vintage, retro aesthetic along with her.

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Basic Stats
Age: 50
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
PR Season: Four (2007)
Placement: Fifth

Project Runway History
Sweet P may not have won any challenges during her fourth season, but that doesn't mean her designs went unnoticed. She placed fifth in the competition, yet was still able to showcase a collection at Fashion Week.

SP2-crop.jpgSweet P's Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008

Confused about how Sweet P was able to show a collection at Bryant Park after being eliminated? I was too, until she so graciously explained it all for us. She also reveals her true feelings about working with the other designers, including fellow All-Star Rami Kashou. Take a look:

Post-Project Runway
It has been almost five years since seeing Sweet P's designs strut down the runway. That's a lot of time to work on other projects and that's exactly what she's done. In addition to her own Sweet P line, she's worked with Bebe, designed sleepwear and collaborated with her artist husband Sage Vaughn on a collection that also highlights his art. Pretty cool idea.

SP3.jpgPiece from "Ghosts in the Garden" with Sage Vaughn

Sweet P has accomplished some pretty exciting things since hearing "You're out" from Heidi Klum. Will she climb to the top of Project Runway: All-Stars? Tune in to Lifetime this Thursday at 9/8c and find out!

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