First-Hand Account of Being a Project Runway Hopeful
Recently, BuddyTV gave you the details about the current audition process for Season Four of Project Runway. The details came from the perspective of some of the Elle Magazine staff who worked with Project Runway notables such as Jeffrey SebeliaLaura Bennett and Tim Gunn to evaluate and select the potential new cast of the next season, slated to air in December.

Those writers certainly called them like they saw them, with some pretty blunt assessments of those hopefuls. Now, one of the designers who auditioned – and didn’t make it – has written about her experiences.

The designer, Kate Goldwater, is a 23-year-old fashion designer, artist and store owner in New York. She auditioned not once, but twice, and blogged about the process on The Huffington Post. Her experience gives some insight into what the judges are looking for during the initial review of potential designers.

In her own words, Goldwater is a “young, talented, environmental and feminist fashion designer who wants to change the world.” Her work focuses on recycling materials, and her shop “is an environmental and sweatshop-free boutique that carries her one-of-a-kind designs” that she sews by hand.

Her first audition made this environmental focus a central part of her presentation, as she brought with her a model friend wearing a dress fashioned from New York City Subway MetroCards. Although with this look, she made it all the way to a meeting with Tim Gunn and Daniel Vosovic, ultimately, she was rejected. They seemed hesitant based on her age and lack of industry experience or design-specific education. Gunn said in response to her environmentally designs: "It's just not what we're looking for."

Undeterred, she not only continued to pursue fashion, she opened that boutique in Manhattan, which must be doing well enough that – despite the fact that she personally hand-sews all the pieces (i.e., they are not mass-produced and the quantity available will be limited) and they seem to retail around $100 or less – the store is still able to pay a New York City East Village rent.

Even with that real-world success, she felt inspired again to apply for the reality competition after an encounter with Malan Breton. She reworked her presentation and made another attempt at Project Runway. She made it through to Tim Gunn, once again (although this time he was joined by Laura Bennett). Once again, though, he was not interested, saying “We’re going to pass.”

Clearly there have been exceptions to the rules in the past, but Goldwater’s experience seem to indicate that the judges are leaning towards finding designers with more industry experience, design education or at least years…and, of course, those who will make for good reality television. However, we’ll have to wait until the Season Four premiere to learn who they find to fit that bill.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Source: The Huffington Post)

(Image courtesy of Bravo)