Exclusive Interview: Jerry Tam of 'Project Runway'
Exclusive Interview: Jerry Tam of 'Project Runway'
On paper, it wouldn’t seem like Jerry Tam would be the first contestant to be sent home on Project Runway. Three years ago, he launched his own clothing line, FORM, to much success. In fact, his designs were used on a challenge on another Bravo show, Make Me A Supermodel, last year.  Still, he has to reach his goal of becoming a household name and thought Project Runway would be a great way to start reaching a wider audience.  He was eliminated on the first episode and spoke to BuddyTV soon after.  Due to a poor phone connection, the audio is unavailable but read for on for Jerry's thoughts on who presented the best design and who really deserved to go home!

With all the success that Jerry has enjoyed thus far in his career, why the need to go on a reality show? “Project Runway is a great place to showcase your name and your personality and your designs,” he answered. “Truthfully, I’m not at that level of success that I want to be. My goal is to have people know who I am and become a household name and reach people who will buy my product.”

For their first challenges, the designers completed a task that was done in season 1 – create a fabulous garment using items from a grocery store. Some contestants were excited to show off their creative side and perhaps top what has been done in the past but Jerry was underwhelmed. “It’s already been done before. I was kind of indifferent about going and putting vegetables and fruit on a garment,” he told BuddyTV. “I guess what was really bad was that the winning dress was from the same aisle that I picked all my things in.”

Jerry was impressed with several of the designs but said that Daniel’s plastic cup dress was his favorite, calling him “a true innovator”. He reflected on his elimination and gave his take on it to BuddyTV. “There was no disbelief that I was in the bottom three. I was absolutely surprised, though, that Stella stayed,” he admitted. “I mean, she basically quit. She basically said, ‘I don’t want to be here’.” Despite being the one to go, things will continue on for Jerry Tam. He plans to show a full collection at New York Fashion Week this September and hopes that Project Runway gave him a little boost in fame and buzz to help promote his clothing line.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of Bravo)