Exclusive Interview: Jerell Scott of 'Project Runway'
Exclusive Interview: Jerell Scott of 'Project Runway'
It's been a bit of a roller coaster for Jerell Scott on the last few episodes of Project Runway this season.  Last week, Tim Gunn assigned the final four designers a challenge where they must draw inspiration from the New York Botanical Garden and construct an evening gown.  Jerell and Leanne received the highest scores, while Kenley or Korto landed in the bottom.  The judges, however, decided that they couldn't reach a decision and sent everybody home to start their collections and made them go through another challenge.  Each designer had to include a wedding dress in their collection and creat a bridesmaid dress for their final challenge before Bryant Park.  Jerell scored the lowest and went from being on the top of his game to being sent home.  Today, he spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about his experiences on the show.

Below, you will find the transcript and mp3 of the interview.

What made you decide to try out for Project Runway? Were you a fan of the show?

I love the show. Love the show. It felt like it was time for me to do that ‘cause I have a line of clothes, Jerell Scott. It got picked up by 3 stores in Japan. Randy Jackson wore my suit on American Idol. Timbaland wore my stuff. Some Saudi princess… I started doing skirts and dresses and Saudi princesses started buying them up. It was cool but physically, every thing that I sold, I made and there’s only so much you can do of that. Pretty much, I did it for the exposure. I don’t think there’s any better platform for a designer than this show.

Well, last week, you did very well in the botanical gardens challenge and then you’re not safe at all! Were you angry or upset? What was going through your head?

Well, I mean, seeing as I did win the challenge that determined who was to go to Bryant Park, I thought I had a guaranteed in but at the same time, I had to realize – it’s a tv show. You have to keep it entertaining and you gotta keep it surprising for the viewer. I mean, if you look at the show’s history, each year, they change up how they comprise the final contestants. It was all good.

Do you have a good relationship with Kenley now that the show is over? Has everyone sort of reconciled and put that behind them?

Yeah, I would definitely say so. You know, we’re probably not going to meet for brunch today but I hold no ill feelings. You know, I think one of the things that most people don’t realize is just how difficult the process really is and at the point we did our collections, we were all exhausted. We’re under a lot of pressure. We get 45 days to go home to work on your collections so it really wasn’t a break. None of us were there for drama. We were there to make beautiful clothes and for the amazing opportunity that it was.

Even though you didn’t make final 3, you still got to show at Fashion Week. Tell me a little about that experience for you.

It was truly a dream come true. For me, this is what I’m so passionate about! This is my life and I love it so much. Just to have the opportunity to show at that level was truly a blessing and I have to thank everybody who was a part of it and the people at the festival – they were all so kind and nice and accommodating. I can’t even muster up enough nice, complimentary things to say. It was like a dream come true.

Tell me what’s in the future for you now, Jerell.

Well, I am currently working on a collection that will be sold in November.  They're one of a kid women's wear pieces that I have yet to finish.  Of course, I'm looking for great PR, great business, working on a business plan, looking for financial backing.  I have all sorts of things planned.  You get an opportunity like this, once in a lifetime if you're lucky, and I feel so blessed just to have this.  I plan to do everything in my power to spin my name into platinum!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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