Exclusive Interview: Christian Siriano of 'Project Runway'
Exclusive Interview: Christian Siriano of 'Project Runway'
On last night's season 4 finale of Project Runway, viewers were delighted as Christian Siriano was named the winner.  Two weeks earlier, he had been named Fan Favorite on the Project Runway reunion episode.  Confident and comical, Christian has been quite the character this season and will certainly live on as one of the most memorable designers the show has ever seen.  After he showed his collection at Fashion Week, guest judge Victoria Beckham said that she would proudly wear anything he designed.  It has been a dream come true for the young designer and today, he spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and I'm talking to Christian Siriano, the winner of Project Runway season 4. Hey Christian, how are you?

Good, how are you?

I'm so good. Congratulations. I'm so excited that you won last night.

Thank you so much, me too.

What has this day been like for you? Has it been totally crazy?

Yeah. It's been super fun. There's been lots and lots of chatting and talking and interviews. It's so fun.

I got to see your show at Fashion Week and I loved what you did. You got mobbed afterwards down on the floor. What was that experience like for you?

It just was shocking, it was so amazing. If any moment was surreal, that was surreal. It was just wonderful, so great. I think the collection really shone. Then the judging, it was stressful and tiring but it worked out.

You've been so confident all season, and then last night on the episode you looked a little shaken. Were you nervous by what Rami and Jillian designed?

Yeah, just because their collections were so strong, and mine was really strong, but all of ours were so different I had no idea what the judges were gonna want. It was just really nerve wracking and I was so tired, and I just wanted to win so bad.

You had to know that the judges were going to make a comment since you used so much black in your design. What made you decide to stick with your plan?

The thing is that with my pieces, all my pieces had so much volume and were so dramatic, and if my clothes were in a color they would have been horrendous. I think that's one of Rami's struggles. His pieces, he has these crazy pleated and tucked and all these different things, and they were in fuschia and teal, and that's not wearable more or less than mine. I felt like I was being smart using a lot of black. I think black is sellable, and I liked what I did so I wasn't worried.

Of the collection that you showed at Fashion Week, do you have a favorite piece that you put up there?

Hmm, the ambre flounced dress was one of my favorites, and the feather gown. I liked so many. It was the last couple looks that were some of my favorites.

Now some of the contestants chose to use girls from America's Next Top Model or some well known girls, and you decided to go with some edgy, darker girls that I had never seen before. How did you end up choosing your models?

Well, the funny thing is what most people don't know is honestly, the girls from America's Next Top Model were great, but Jaslene is not tall. My girls needed to be tall. Though she's fabulous and I would have loved her, I needed really, really, really strong girls. Edgy, edgy girls. Actually, the funny thing is, the girls that I chose are real, elite fashion models. My girl who opened my show opened Holston's show, the relaunch of Holston this year. Then my closing girl is a couture John Galliano model. They're big models, it's just that a lot of people don't see them on TV, but you see them in fashion. That's why I picked them.

Have you made any plans with Victoria Beckham to design her an outfit, or is that something that will be coming in the future?

Yeah, I'll probably see her next week when I'm in L.A. I've made her a couple dresses, so we'll see which one she likes. I can't wait to see her again.

What is in the future for you? You're so young and you're this huge, hot designer. What's new for you?

You know, honestly I'm doing a million billion things, but right now I'm really focusing on making a collection to show for spring at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week again. That's going to be filled with really wearable, sellable pieces and my creative pieces. But I really want to show a really strong range, so that's the goal right now.

Well everyone at BuddyTV, including me, loved you and we're so happy for you. We hope we get to see more of you in the future, Christian. Thank you.

Thank you so, so much.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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