E! True Hollywood Story about Project Runway Scrapped
It used to be that the E! Network’s True Hollywood Story series was reserved for celebrity performers. Now, with reality programs gaining such enormous popularity over the past years, they have enough of a fan base to become the star of the True Hollywood Story themselves.

E! has already produced a behind-the-scene program about America’s Next Top Model. Recently, the producers wanted to tell the story of another fashion reality hit: Project Runway.

There is only one thing standing in their way: Bravo, the network that airs Project Runway.

Bravo has thus far refused to cooperate with the E! production. Even without Bravo's permission, E! could still assemble some kind of True Hollywood Story. However, the show would not have access to any video clips or the regular stars of the show. Without those elements, there’s probably not enough creative editing in the world to put together a compelling program, so E! has dropped its plans for the show.

Bravo has not indicated the reason for their refusal, and a production source close to Project Runway told the New York Post that it was a “no for now,” leaving the door open for future participation. However, the standoff has now created bad blood between the two networks, who are now anonymously snipping at each other in the press, with one THS staffer claiming that Project Runway are “typical fashion snobs.”

Jay McCarroll and Jeffrey Sebelia, two winners of Project Runway have been vocal about their dissatisfactions with landing the top spot. Therefore, there already is some negative buzz about the legitimacy of the program. One can’t help but wonder what, if any, skeletons are in Project Runway’s walk-in closet if they are so reluctant to contribute to the behind-the-scenes look. After all, America’s Next Top Model has had similar negative comments from its winners, but that program’s producers chose to participate fully in their THS.

Project Runway fans will certainly be disappointed to hear this news. Comments from our BuddyTV readers have indicated that it seems like a long wait until December for Season Four. No doubt some juicy gossip about the program would have been a welcome appetizer as fans eagerly await the main course this winter.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Post
(Image courtesy of Bravo)