A Bunch of 'Seriously Funny Kids' Coming to Lifetime
A Bunch of 'Seriously Funny Kids' Coming to Lifetime
Kids -- they seriously say the funniest things. Sometimes you just want to hang around them with a tape recorder in your pocket. But we won't have to, thanks to Lifetime's newest series. 

Hosted by Project Runway's Heidi Klum, the unscripted comedy Seriously Funny Kids shows us the whimsical and often hilarious world of children's words. Every half-hour will be bursting with laughs as the supermodel interacts with kids. Often insightful and even a bit inspiring, the program gives us a peek into the minds of our country's future.

This Tuesday, Seriously Funny Kids debuts with crazy knock-knock jokes and silly sayings that stand-up comics can't even pull off. Heidi Klum takes a step away from the wild world of fashion design to kid around, literally. She sits down with a variety of girls and boys, asking them questions like what they'd wear on a date or what they find annoying about adults. 

There will be pranks and hidden camera segments, but what really matters here is giving a voice to kids. Adorable and witty, these children will offer us their own views of the world and make you think. Or rather, make you wonder if they're really from this planet. With comments that seem to have come out of nowhere, these Seriously Funny Kids are definitely worth a look and listen.

You can catch the ridiculously funny trailer for the new series below. Produced by LMNO Productions, the show lists Klum and Eric Schotz of Bill Cosby's Kids Say the Darnedest Things among its roster of executive producers. Seriously Funny Kids kicks off this coming Tuesday with back-to-back episodes you just can't miss.

Don't forget to catch Seriously Funny Kids when it premieres Feb. 1 at 9pm on Lifetime.

(Image courtesy of Lifetime)