'Project Runway: All Stars' Season 4 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...
'Project Runway: All Stars' Season 4 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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We started with 14 former Project Runway contestants and now we're down to the final three. Either Helen or Sonjia will claim the title for the first time, or Dmitry will pull off a repeat win. Let's get to it.

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The final three are on the rooftop of their apartments celebrating with mimosas. Alyssa comes to congratulate them and tell them about their final challenge.

For their final collection, the designers will need to showcase all of their talents by creating a collection that will include looks for all four seasons. It will need to be eight looks, two from each season, and they'll have four days and $3,000 to complete the collection.

Seasons of Fashion

At Mood, all three designers pick out fabrics that are very specific to their own aesthetics. Dmitry gets a lot of solids, mostly black and white with a few sequins thrown in. He wants to design for a collector who builds her wardrobe around special pieces. Zanna likes what he shows her in his critique, but she tells him to make sure that the looks are specific to their certain seasons.

Helen designs for a couture Wednesday Addams. She sketches a lot of tailored looks, collars, capes and romantic looks. She's mostly working with lace and black and white, which puzzles Zanna. She tells Helen she needs to add a little variation if she wants to impress the judges. She decides to incorporate more red into her looks.

Sonjia's collection is for a woman just like her; bold, sassy and sexy. Sonjia is attracted to rich golds, blues and reds at Mood. She says it's like she's designing clothes for the characters from Aladdin. Zanna's encouraged by what she sees and says a lot of her ideas are things she's never seen before.

Zanna tells them that the experts from Chi hair care are going to consult with each designer for looks for the final runway.

The next day, the final three get helpers to give them a hand in the workroom. Kate is here to help Helen, Jay is here for Dmitry and Fabio is here for Sonjia. The designers are a bit more relieved, but Dmitry is still anxious because he still has so much to do. He wonders if anyone has ever died competing in Project Runway. I don't think that's happened... yet. Sonjia even recruits a model to do some weaving for her the day of the runway.

Sonjia thinks that the looks in Helen's collection all look the same. Dmitry thinks Sonjia picked out great fabric, but this is a design competition, not a fabric-picking competition. And Helen thinks Dmitry's collection has no cohesion. So basically everyone has something shady to say about the other designers in the room.

The Final Runway

Joining our normal panel of judges at the Diamond Horseshoe for the final runway are actress Mira Sorvino and Project Runway judge, fashion designer and cutie Zac Posen.

Sonjia introduces her collection first. She says her collection is inspired by herself, which is kind of a weird thing to say, even if it's true. She shows several lace overlay dresses like she's done in episodes past. She makes another swimsuit that isn't even as good as the first one she made in this competition. I do like her fall and winter looks better with the interesting gold and navy print. I especially like her big yellow coat she made for a winter look.

The judges think Sonjia made a beautiful collection. Isaac thinks she has a great ability to redefine proportions of a woman's body. Zac loves the red lace dress and thinks it's ready to walk off the runway and Georgina agrees. Everyone loves her big yellow coat and Mira thinks a lot of the pieces in the bunch have a regal feel to them.

Dmitry is next and he shows a lot of looks have his signature cut-out technique he's been using since his season. One of his dresses is very graphic, and unfortunately looks like a black and white marijuana leaf. My favorite piece from his collection is a black coat with some white cut-out details on the sleeves.

Alyssa says that Dmitry is in complete control of his aesthetic. Everyone likes the "marijuana leaf" dress. Georgina says he's a master of technique, but she doesn't like his sequined dress and thinks the white dress suit looks dated. Zac thinks that he understands architecture and form and Isaac thinks the overall collection is just fabulous.

Helen's collection is called "Coco on Wednesday" (like Coco Chanel meets Wednesday Addams). She's got a lot of lace combinations that are very interesting. One of her stand-out pieces is a cream colored look with a shimmery fur detail. I love her cape/coats and her winter and fall looks actually seem season appropriate.

The judges are thoroughly charmed by Helen's collection. Zac says it looks like contemporary clothing that a lot of young ladies would like to wear. Isaac loves her oversized skirt for her fall look and Zac thinks the black jumpsuit with the cropped jacket is the best look. Georgina loves her sensibility. She sees a spirit of a girl who is free yet controlled. 

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The judges decide, that although she did a good job, Helen's collection is not the winning collection.

So it's down to Dmitry and Sonjia. The winner of Project Runway: All Stars is Dmitry. He's the second double winner of Project Runway. He said the competition was so tough but he grew as a designer because of it. It's no surprise that he won; he was the most consistent designer of the season. Although I would have liked to see someone new win, he definitely deserved it based on his work.

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