'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: A Blogger's Paradise
'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: A Blogger's Paradise
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week, stupid Alyssa Milano sent Irina home and I'm sure some way, some how, she's still suffering the wrath of Project Runway's favorite ice queen. Meanwhile, five designers still remain, including the only winner left in the competition, Seth Aaron.

Speaking of the host who is not half as good as Heidi Klum, Alyssa meets the remainders on the runway to ask them what they think of their All Stars experience as compared to their original Project Runway experience. And Viktor walks right into her trap by saying, "the judges are nicer!" And they're all in for a fierce surprise when Nina Garcia's flawless silhouette appears behind the runway screen.

She's here to give them their next challenge (and god willing, also judge). The designers have to team up with five fashion bloggers represented on StyleHaul.com to come up with the next big trend for 2014. They also have to incorporate Pantone's 2014 color which is radiant orchid. Nina will personally endorse the winning designer in a video that they will all shoot together for Style Haul and the winner will also get a $10,000 prize package from Pantone.


The designers get to pick which bloggers they want to work with, and while they're all pretty stunning, they keep referring to this is as a "real woman" challenge. I assume it's because they're not all 5'10 with 20 inch waists.

Korto picks first because she won the last challenge and she chooses to work with Carli from New Jersey. Korto wants to make a simple but well constructed white pant suit with a vest and orchid accents. Zanna thinks the look is sophisticated and that the judges will love it.

Christopher is working with Fleur from London (her blog is called Fleur de Force: adorable). She likes things feminine and classic, so Christopher interprets that into a lace military look. He picks out an army green lace to go over his trench coat dress and make an orchid clutch.

Seth Aaron's blogger is a transgender woman from Ontario, and Seth Aaron picked her because he liked her androgynous look. She likes things simple, clean and easy so he's making a neoprene color blocked dress with orchid, black and gray.

Oh no! Other designers have discovered neoprene and now Elena's pouting about it. But she's working with Dulce, who is the shortest person Elena has ever made clothes for. But she's making a great orchid, white and black horizontal striped jacket with peplum. At first the jacket is too big for her petite model, so she panics a bit in true Elena fashion before fixing it.

Viktor is making a really boring looking orchid tube-top thing but with a great pair of well-tailored pants. Zanna is concerned that it is under-designed. So Viktor decides to start over with a neoprene dress with shapes cut out and the orchid fabric layered underneath to make an interesting print.

Trendy Runway

GUYS: Christian Siriano is guest judging and I'm falling in love all over again. Also judging are Isaac Mizrahi, Nina Garcia and Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa.


Korto- The judges eat up Korto's pant suit with the small orchid accents on the edges of the vests's ruffles. Isaac says hiding the color showcases it in the most interesting way. Francisco thinks the pants are great when everyone else did a skirt and Christian likes the soft structured look.

Andddddd.... Korto's the only one in the top. So I guess the winner of this challenge isn't going to be much of a surprise.


While the judges like Seth Aaron's look, it's nothing that they haven't seen before. Nina is especially bored with the scuba color blocked look and expects more from Seth Aaron.

Viktor- Everyone is impressed by Viktor's well made jacket, but they're not sure how well it goes with the dress. Christian thinks the most interesting thing about the look is the layered print. Alyssa says he forced together two basic standards with a little black dress and a motorcycle jacket.

Elena- Alyssa thinks that the peplum on the jacket is the wrong size but everyone agrees that she's created an interesting textile. But Nina thinks that the jacket is wearing the model and the model isn't wearing the jacket.

Christopher- Isaac thinks that the color of Christopher's look is just weird. Christian says that if he wanted to do a trench dress, he should have done it more as an evening look in a darker color. Christopher takes it personally when Nina says that it looks like "seaweed coming from the swamp," which is true, but still rude.

The obvious winner of the challenge is Korto, no beating around the bush. And it's Christopher and Viktor in the bottom, but no excuse for Viktor's boring and basic look this far into the competition. So Viktor is sent home.

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