'Project Accessory' Recap: The Magical Unicorn Clutch
'Project Accessory' Recap: The Magical Unicorn Clutch
Tonight on Project Accessory, the remaining six designers are working to please Kenneth Cole for a shot at displaying their works in his stores. Also, Alexa Chung, TV personality, stops in as a guest judge.

The Challenge

The designers make a trip to Kenneth Cole Productions to meet with the man himself. Kenneth assigns a look to each designer from his Triple Black collection. The winner's accessories will be sold in Kenneth Cole stores. All proceeds will help AIDS research. Each designer must create a clutch, and then an item of their own choosing.

In the Workroom

Each contestant has a variation of what is known in pop culture as "the little black dress." There are a lot of metallic and leathers and odd things being tossed around. Diego is being asked questions, per usual, and Rich, one again, looks lost.

Tension flares when Brian begins constructing a unicorn horn, because that seems relevant to anything Kenneth Cole produces. The dust circulates throughout the room, yet Brian reminds us that he is not in this competition to make friends.

Eva JeanBart-Lorenzotti makes an appearance to run around and tell everyone that their projects need work. Adrian especially needs to work on his flimsy, felt-looking excuse of a handbag.

Minutes before time for the runway, Diego makes some finishing touches to some chandelier earrings. They're so heavy that the model looks uncomfortable and quite sad.

The Judges:
Ariel Foxman
Alexa Chung
Kenneth Cole

The Runway

Rich seems to have a complete rocker look for his model. She looks fierce. After all the effort put into Adrian's clutch, you can't even see the bling as his model holds it. Poor Diego might have a hard time because of these chandelier earrings, yet they don't make half the statement Brian's unicorn horn makes. This one is either stupid or genius.

The Judges' Thoughts

Once again, Christina hits a home run with her leather handbag and matching earrings. Can she do any wrong?

Alexa is a huge fan of Brian's crazy, weird unicorn bag. Kenneth believes the boned tie fits better with the overall outfit.

The double sided necklace with Nina's look is sexy, for sure. The clutch on the clutch makes the handbag functional and pleasing to the eye all in one.

Adrian and the bag are still at odds, I believe. It still comes across as not exciting, whatsoever.

Diego fails to wow the judges with his "chandelearrings." It's amazing his model even made it halfway down the catwalk, carrying those things.

Rich's necklace is the highlight of his outfit, by far. As Alexa comments, "there's a bit of danger" about it. It's pretty awesome. The handbag, on the other hand, looks unfinished.

Challenge Winner: Brian
Eliminated: Adrian

Next week on Project Accessory, two contestants will be tossed out. The competition is wearing thin and growing more and more intense. Make sure you tune in to see who makes the cut!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of Lifetime)