Private Practice: Episode 2.16 "Ex-Life" Recap (Page 3/3)
Private Practice: Episode 2.16 "Ex-Life" Recap (Page 3/3)
Mark comes by to see if anyone wants to go to the bar, but everyone is sad because they think Archer is dying again. Archer apologizes to the group for sleeping with everyone's girlfriends, for wrecking Sam's car and for leaving Naomi, whom he has feelings for, alone after he dies. He goes overboard, crying and carrying on, until Derek storms in angrily. He barks that Archer didn't read the CT scan correctly. The spots he saw are fluid collecting in the spaces where the cysts used to be, which is perfectly normal. Derek says that not only is Archer not dying, but he will continue being an asshole for a very long time.

Bailey and Sam watch Naomi doting on Archer through the window. Bailey announces that she is going to go home to her husband, with whom she has been having problems with lately, and hug him and kiss him and thank him for all the things that she sometimes forgets to thank him for. She doesn't want to end up in Sam's shoes, looking through a window at his "ex-life." I'm having difficulty reading this scene. Are Sam and Bailey supposed to be flirting or developing some kind of spark? I think their scenes were very good together, mostly because Bailey is awesome. I definitely see some camaraderie developing, but no romantic potential.

Looks like everything has gone swimmingly with Jen's surgery. The baby's heartbeat is strong. But when Jen comes to, she starts spouting nonsensical words, an indication that some wires are crossed in her brain. So, the baby is healthy, but the mom's brain is not. Addison did her part, but Derek fucked up on the job, so who's the real hero now?

I suppose I would be remiss not to recap what is going on with the rest of the Private Practice gang down in L.A. during this time.

Cooper (Paul Adelstein) has a very sleep-deprived new mom named Rachel who brings her baby in after it slipped in the bath tub. Cooper, Violet (Amy Brenneman) and Pete (Tim Daly) all determine that Rachel is suffering from psychosis due to post-partum depression. (Rachel admits to them that when the baby slipped in the tub, she held him underwater, so that she could finally get some sleep.

Violet thinks that they should keep the mother away from the baby while she is treated for her psychosis, but Pete argues that Rachel stopped herself before any real harm came to the baby. He thinks that bonding with the baby may keep her grounded and speed up her recovery. They are arguing about this because Pete may be the father of Violet's unborn child, and he's angry that she isn't letting him in or telling him anything. She thinks she's doing what's best for the baby, but he thinks that having a father is what's best for the baby.

Meanwhile, Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) tells Cooper that she gets that Violet is his best friend, but Charlotte is supposed to be his best friend, and she can't stand being second fiddle right now.

Addison will stay at Seattle Grace for another week to continue treating Jen. The Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover concludes during the 9-10pm hour next Thursday. And judging from the promos, it's gonna be a doozy.

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