Exclusive Video: 'Prime Suspect' Inspired by Real Disturbing Cases
Exclusive Video: 'Prime Suspect' Inspired by Real Disturbing Cases
Starting tonight there's a different cop drama on NBC. Actress Maria Bello stars in Prime Suspect, and she's got her role down pat. Just like how her character can pin down any antagonists or problems that come her way.

The one-hour series follows Jane Timoney, a detective and outsider who's trying to make it through in a male-dominated police department. Her first few days on the job are tough enough, but things get more difficult as her workmates believe she got the position because of an affair with her previous employer.

However, with a troublesome past comes a reckless attitude. Nothing can stop Jane from getting what she wants, as well as getting to the bottom of any case she has to face. She's willful and sometimes rude, but her mind is as sharp as ever. Her quick thinking and tough-as-nails persona are bound to help her throughout any dilemma.

Though she's battling it out for the respect of the men that surround her, she's still doing her best to keep her chin up and her back straight. From dealing with her commanding officer to her complicated boyfriend and his son, Jane will do what it takes to balance all aspects of her life with grace and dignity.

Before the premiere of Prime Suspect, see where the inspiration comes from with staff writer and technical consultant of the show, Mike Sheehan. His career began 43 years ago with the NYPD and worked his way up to detective and team leader. Tonight's episode of Prime Suspect is based on a very disturbing and real case. Take a look: 

The series also stars Aidan Quinn, Brian O'Byrne, Tim Griffin, Kirk Acevedo, Joe Nieves, Damon Gupton, and Peter Gerety. Directed by Peter Berg of Friday Night Lights fame, the show is based on the award-winning British police drama on ITV. Don't forget to catch this re-imagining of Prime Suspect as it premieres tonight at 10pm on NBC.