Spoiler Alert: 'Prime Suspect' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Prime Suspect' Spoilers
Maria Bello is very good in her new star vehicle Prime Suspect. And although the ratings aren't very good, NBC, whose fall primetime schedule is slowly but surely falling apart, has ordered six new scripts of the freshman cop drama.

Which is good news because the writers are figuring out what's working on the show. What can we expect in the weeks to come?

Producer in Front of the Camera

Peter Berg, who is seemingly involved in every single drama pilot NBC has ordered in the last 5 years (since he created Friday Night Lights), will appear in front of the camera. He will appear in one episode as Dan Costello, a married officer who had an affair with Maria Bello's character Jane. Their dalliance casts some doubt on Jane's promotion to Homicide.

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Since Prime Suspect, at least in its original UK version and in the U.S. pilot, is a show about sexism on the police force, I guess it makes sense that the boys will play the old "she slept her way to the top" card. Let's hope that the show will not succumb to the pitfalls of such a trope.

Comic in a Drama

In other casting news, comic actor Jay Mohr could be in for a recurring role on the drama as New York City Assistant District Attorney John Bullock. While Bullock is seen as a a competent DA, he is sometimes at odds with Jane.

Both of these bits of casting news seem to suggest that Prime Suspect is bound to explore the higher ranks of NYC law enforcement and how Jane relates to them, which would be a welcome addition to the typical "case-of-the-week" and "male-jerk-move-of-the-week" tropes that dominate the current primetime scene. Maybe now we can get a "Jane-gets-turned-down-from-higher-office-because-she's-a-woman" moment of the week.

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What do you expect from the rest of the season? More emotional moments? More hard case work? More of Jane's private life? Or are you happy with how the show has fared so far? Leave your comments below!

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