[WATCH] 'Pretty Little Liars' Sneak Peek: A Gift Arrives for the Liars
[WATCH] 'Pretty Little Liars' Sneak Peek: A Gift Arrives for the Liars
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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In this all-new sneak peek look at the midseason premiere of Pretty Little Liars, an unexpected package arrives for the Liars from a threat they thought they had squashed. The Liars congregate to discuss this new/old threat and who it could possibly be. Watch the new clip below and help us figure out what the hell is going on in Rosewood.

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Check out the mysterious clip below:

So many questions are in our heads after that clip -- who is A.D.? Were they working with Noel and Jenna? Where was Aria before this? Why was Spencer so descriptive with her timeline after receiving the package? Is she hiding something? It looks like the show is going to keep dropping mysteries, even with only 10 episodes to go.

We last left the Liars in some seriously unfortunate circumstances, as usual. Aria turned on the news to see her fiance Ezra kiss and reunite with his long-lost ex. The future of their relationship is currently up in the air. The Liars had a face-off which ended with Noel's head off. Toby and Yvonne got into a fatal car crash which appeared to be the work of A.D. Alison is pregnant. Emily seems to be back in love with her. Caleb and Hanna are getting hot and heavy again.

Whatever is in this box, it can't be good for the girls. But what could it be? They've recieved some pretty screwed up packages from A and A.D. in the past, including compromising photos and even body parts. Given their past with mysterious presents, there's no telling what they can expect to find inside that box.

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What do you think is inside the box? Tell us in the comments below!

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