Want to Write About 'Pretty Little Liars'?
Want to Write About 'Pretty Little Liars'?
Monday, January 3 marks the anticipated return of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.

The show takes place in the small, quiet town of Rosewood. But as we learned over the summer, it's anything but quiet.

After Alison disappeared, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily started getting creepy texts and other messages from "A" promising to tell all their deep dark secrets. To catch up on all the drama check out last season's recaps here.

And to get a sneak peek of what's to come we've got two preview clips full of mystery and drama to get fans excited:

Clip One: Hannah is taken to the hospital, but who is watching them?
Clip Two: Toby is locked up but is the town safe?

The second half of season one looks intense. We're currently looking for a Fan Columnist to recap Pretty Little Liars.

Weekly recaps will highlight the most important and talked about moments of the episode. And it's your job to figure out which ones those are. We're looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the episode so feel free to put your own style into it. 

Feeling up to the drama? Write a recap of one of the episodes found on ABC Family's site.

To submit:

  • Please copy and paste your recap directly into the email. Limit your recap to 500-800 words. Include the title of the episode you recapped
  • In the subject line please include: Pretty Little Liars Fan Columnist
  • Email to: feedback[at]buddytv[dot]com

Something to consider before contributing:

  • This is a non-paid position. However, there is an exclusive award system of tokens and badges for Fan Columnists. Plus, you'll have a byline on one of the fastest growing TV sites on the Web and an article for your clips file. And did we mention you get to watch TV?
  •  All content on BuddyTV.com is subject to change. Any content submitted may be corrected, changed, or rewritten in any way by BuddyTV staff after being submitted.
  • Submissions go through a review and editing process and may or may not appear on the site.
  • All submissions will be considered and no individual or group will be shown favoritism.
  • All content must be original and never before published. Credit must be given and sourced properly (Name and link directing back to the article). Plagiarism is stealing and brings bad karma, so we like to abide by copyright laws
  • Click here for a Style Guide for submissions

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