[Videos] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 5.9 Preview: The Group is Falling Apart
[Videos] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 5.9 Preview: The Group is Falling Apart
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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The liars are more fractured than ever thanks to Alison's return this season on Pretty Little Liars. Hanna is fighting with just about everyone, Emily doesn't know what to think about the girl she once (and maybe still does) love, and Aria is spending most of her free time in Radley. It's been one dramatic season for the girls, and the hits just seem to keep coming.

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With Hanna's continuing downward spiral, Alison's scheming, and the police still hot on their trail, it will be an actual miracle if any of these girls ever actually graduate high school. In "March of Crimes," airing August 5th, Hanna's drinking gets way out of control, while Emily investigates one of Alison's helpers. 

Here are a few preview clips to tide us over until the new episode, courtesy of ABC Family:

What We Know Now: 

Detective Tanner is on the case, which is bad news for the girls. She's investigating the Marin house break-in, but really she's trying to establish a connection between the girls, Ezra, and the murder at his family's theater. 

She questions Aria about her relationship with Ezra, which makes Ella uncomfortable, then threatens to get a court order if Aria won't answer her questions. Looks like Aria is in trouble!

What We Know Now: 

"Your stupid stunts effect a lot of people," Hanna says angrily to Alison. She wants Alison to stay with one of the other girls, after scaring her mom and having someone break into the house. 

Alison wants to know what the beef is between Aria and Hanna, and if it has something to do with her. Alison is worried their group is falling apart, but Hanna just seems disgusted. Then Alison is surprised to see Jenna back at Rosewood High.

What We Know Now: 

Hanna walks right into Caleb's place and immediately gets a drink. She says she had a bad day, and Caleb can't figure out why she's not going to a party tonight. It turns out the party is for Ella and Zach, which causes her to finally spill the beans to Caleb about Zach's creepy and inappropriate behavior. "Although no one seems to believe me," she says sadly. 

 Still can't get enough? Here's a preview of the next Liars episode to tide you over: 

What do you think? Will the truth about Zach come out? Should the girls trust Alison? And will Hanna get her act together? Share your theories in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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