[Videos] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 5.6 Preview: Who is Bethany Young?
[Videos] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 5.6 Preview: Who is Bethany Young?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Still in shock over the dramatic 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars? We certainly can't blame you. Thankfully there's more Liars on the way, and hopefully some of our most burning questions will be answered.

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In the show's explosive 100th episode, 'A' returned to the scene in a dramatic fashion by blowing up Toby's house. This certainly wasn't the only shocking moment of the episode, however. Emily and Alison had a steamy hookup, Ezra and Aria reunited, Spencer's parents split up among suspicions Peter might have killed Jessica DiLaurentis, and Caleb returned to town. 

Mona's army is still on the move, and now includes new girl Sydney, heating up the battle between Alison and Mona. But is Alison even worth the liars' trust when she just keeps lying? 

Thankfully we don't have to wait much longer for a brand-new episode, where hopefully some of these big questions will be answered. Until then, here are a few preview clips courtesy of ABC Family: 

What We Know Now: 

Peter Hastings is very unhappy that Veronica and Spencer secretly moved out of the house and are living in a hotel. Veronica refuses to answer the phone, so he confronts Spencer to find out what's going on. Spencer lets drop that they know he and Melissa lied about their whereabouts the night Mrs. D was murdered, and Peter gets a serious case of crazy eyes. Was he responsible?

What We Know Now: 

Spencer goes to see her old pal Eddie Lamb from Radley. The conversation turns to Mrs. D and Bethany Young, the Radley patient found buried in Alison's grave. "I don't think it was a coincidence she was found buried in her backyard, do you?" Spencer asks. "Probably not," he replies. What does he know?

What We Know Now: 

Hanna completely spaces on some dinner plans she made with Travis, and asks to reschedule in order to spend time with a fragile Alison. She apologizes for her drunken actions at the party, and asks if she did anything too embarrassing. Travis says the only thing she did was try to call someone on her phone, which she claims not to remember. Is there a Caleb-Hanna-Travis love triangle brewing? 

 Not enough Liars for you? Well here's a preview of the next new episode to tide you over:

What do you think? Are you Team Caleb or Team Travis? What's up with Bethany Young? And did Mr. Hastings really kill Mrs. D? Share your theories in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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