[Videos] 'Pretty Little Liars' 100th Episode Preview: Toby Learns a Shocking Truth
[Videos] 'Pretty Little Liars' 100th Episode Preview: Toby Learns a Shocking Truth
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Put on your party hats, because Pretty Little Liars is celebrating a big milestone. The fifth episode of this season is also the show's 100th episode, and unsurprisingly it looks like it's going to full of twists and turns.

Just 100 short episodes ago, we were introduced to Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna. The girls have all been through major changes and big upheavals over the course of 100 hours, from coming out of the closet to fighting an addiction to Adderall. (Or, as they call it in Rosewood, scholastic heroin.) 

With the recently revived Alison preparing to come back to Rosewood High and Mona and her army readying for war, there's no telling what's going to happen. The stakes have been raised and even without a new 'A' in sight, the girls haven't left the drama behind. 

Plus, keep an eye peeled for some familiar faces when Caleb returns from Ravenswood and Toby returns from doing whatever carpenter things occasionally keep him off-screen. 

If you can't wait for the 100th episode, and who could blame you for being excited, here are some preview clips courtesy of ABC Family: 

What We Know Now: 

Hanna is really embracing her new Riot Grrl lifestyle, complaining about needing to wear business casual for some sort of presentation. Travis quickly figures out what she's really freaking out about is Alison's imminent return to school. 

Hanna doesn't want people to think of her as Alison's puppet anymore, which is how she imagines people will see the liars when they walk the halls with Ali. Hanna's identity crisis seems to be deepening...just wait until she bumps into former flame Caleb!

What We Know Now: 

Spencer's dad is avoiding her, which is shocking, really, after all the murder accusations. Toby wonders if she's shared her suspicions with Alison, but Spencer doesn't want to arm her with that information. Toby talks about how Team Spoby is all about second chances, but some people are so toxic it's sometimes a good thing to cut them out of your life. 

Speaking of toxic people, the phone rings and Jenna's name is on the caller ID. Jenna, now in New York, calls with the shocking news that Shana is dead. So I guess Spencer failed to mention all the traveling to the Big Apple and murdering to Toby? How long can she really keep that a secret from him? I guess only time will tell. 

Can't get enough Pretty Little Liars? Here's the official preview for the 100th episode you won't want to miss:

How will Hanna react to Caleb's return? Are you Team Caleb or Team Travis? And will Toby ever find out the truth about New York? Share your theories in the comments before the episode!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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