[Video] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 4.6 Preview: Mike's Still Around and Hanna's Still in Trouble
[Video] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 4.6 Preview: Mike's Still Around and Hanna's Still in Trouble
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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With Hanna arrested, Emily and Spencer at odds, and Mike mysteriously reappearing from the Phantom Zone, things are getting ever more complicated for the girls on Pretty Little Liars. Next week sees Spencer and Toby take a trip to scenic Ravenswood, where birds fall dead out of the sky and I'm sure there are yet more creepy masks.

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If you're still picking your jaw off the floor from the shocking conclusion of this week's episode, hold on to your seat because more weirdness is sure to happen next week. 

Want to find out what's in store? These three sneak peaks from ABC Family give just a little taste of what happens in the first introduction to the world of Liars' mysterious new spinoff: 

What We Know Now: 

Things are still tense between Emily and Spencer, although Spencer doesn't seem to be picking up on the crazy shade Emily is throwing her way. Spencer thinks the mysterious Mrs. Grunwald might have been the person calling Alison from the sorority horror room, but Emily is not as willing to play girl detective.
  What We Know Now: 

Mike is still alive! I repeat, Mike is still visible to the human eye! Apparently being part of the wallpaper in the Montgomery house has made Mike a little salty though. He certainly doesn't seem to like that Aria is tutoring his friend Connor. Maybe he just doesn't trust her track record with the teaching profession?
  What We Know Now: 

 Well first of all, Hanna isn't still behind bars. But she is certainly in a lot of trouble. So much trouble her dad is back in the picture and shooing Caleb out of the house when he comes to visit Hanna. What did Caleb ever do? 

 Still want more Pretty Little Liars? Of course you do! Then here's a preview that promises the strangest moment in Liars history, which is a bar set pretty darn high: 

Will Hanna end up in jail or will Ashley? What brings Spencer and Toby to Ravenswood? And what's the strangest moment in Liars history? Share your theories in the comments as we wait for next week!

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