[Video] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 4.4 Preview: The Police Are Watching
[Video] 'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 4.4 Preview: The Police Are Watching
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Now is not the greatest time to be one of the Pretty Little Liars. This season 'A' has been gunning for the girls' parents, just as a new detective in town starts asking super inconvenient questions. 

Questions like, "Why are these four girls always within five feet of every murder scene?" and "What is with all the creepy dolls and masks in this town?"

Ok, that last question was just me. 

In "Face Time," Emily's father returns thanks to Family Services, Spencer begins to wonder about her own family, and Hanna deals with more suspicions regarding her mom. Family, am I right? Can't live with them, can't stop them from murdering police officers! 

Get a sneak peek at next week's brand new episode in the clips below: 


What We Know Now: 

So much juicy info in just a minute-long clip! Hanna wants Spencer to confront Melissa about the mask before she skips town and pins the crime on her mom. Spencer points out the mask doesn't prove anything just as Emily runs up to tell the girls her dad is back thanks to Family Services. I was distracted throughout most of this conversation because Hanna has a shirt decorated with little popsicles and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

Nearby watching them, because this is a show about surveillance culture so obviously the girls are always being watched, is Detective Holbrook. But he has a partner who is there to keep him in line and stop him from dating any underage girls, the kryptonite of all Rosewood police officers. They're in town to find out "what it is about those four pretty girls that attracts so many corpses."

What We Know Now: 

Trouble in paradise for Hanna and Caleb? Caleb saves Hanna from the new detective and points out that she's in over her head, since Rosewood PD is made up of 50 percent incompetence and 50 percent murderers, and therefore isn't great at solving actual crimes.

Caleb goes on and on about how he's better at dealing with the grown-up po-po, then has a loud conversation about how Hanna's mom might be guilty of murder about two feet away from the new detective. Brilliant!

Not enough PLL for you? Check out the promo below to see more teases of next week's episode:

What do you think? Will the new detectives put the liars behind bars? And how long until Detective Holbrook dates Aria? Sound off in the comments while we wait for the next new episode!

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