Spoiler Alert: 'Pretty Little Liars' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Pretty Little Liars' Spoilers
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If you think Pretty Little Liars can't get any better, think again. The second half of season 2 already aired and left viewers with massive clues to the show's most pivotal question: Who is "A"? 

Warning: This article contains Pretty Little Liars spoilers!

Pretty Little Liars is no stranger to mysteries and unexpected twists, proving that anyone can be "A." However, the 13th episode of season 2 entitled "The First Secret" sheds light on several strong candidates, including those whom you least expect. 


The number one suspect at present appears to be Lucas, who was revealed to be wearing the creepy mask the scared Ali. After Ali started a rumor about Lucas, he practically vowed to exact revenge on her. If that's not enough,  it has also been reported that Lucas will take center stage in the second half of the season which means there might be more to this geeky character  than meets the eye.

Ali's Twin

While it wasn't directly revealed that Alison has/is a twin, several clues suggest just that. Not only was there a picture on Alison's room that revealed Jason in between twin girls, there was also a vehicle from Radley Sanitarium that pulled up to the abandoned house which coincides subtly to Alison's horror story about a twin who killed her sister over a doll and was sent away to a home for the criminally insane. Could there be some truth to Ali's story? And more importantly, where is Ali's twin now?


Just like Lucas, Mona was revealed to be one of the victims of Ali's bitchy attitude. Though she was pretty much non-existent to Ali, she made it known that she wasn't afraid of her. 


While it's not clear if Melissa was aware of Alison and Ian's secret affair, if she did, it would give her enough motive to take Alison down. Plus, you can't argue the fact that Melissa really dislikes her. 


Maya was not present in "The First Secret" but it still doesn't eliminate her from this list. She was missing for some time due to her stint in rehab but returned in the mid-season finale noticeably wearing the same boots that "A" had a while back. It's also unsettling to think why she and her family would choose to live in Ali's house right after her disappearance.

With all the Pretty Little Liars spoilers and speculations out there, who do you think is "A"? Share your theories in below!

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