'Pretty Little Liars' Theory: Who Is Spencer Hastings' Father?
'Pretty Little Liars' Theory: Who Is Spencer Hastings' Father?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Genetics and ancestry are complicated on Freeform's long-running hit Pretty Little Liars. We've seen Jason DiLaurentis discover that Peter Hastings is actually his biological father; Alison find out that she has a sister, then that said sister was actually her cousin; and in a PLL bombshell, the season 6 finale revealed that Mrs. DiLaurentis has a twin: Mary Drake, who was locked in Radley for years and kept a secret. If only it ended there ... nope. The season 7 mid-season finale revealed that Mary is Spencer's biological mother, so now the question is: who is her father? Let's go over some contenders.

Peter Hastings

It's unlikely that Peter would be involved with another love affair / have another love child, but on this show, who knows anymore? It's possible that Peter might've slept with Mary, and it's entirely possible that Mary might've been pretending to be Jessica during the time that Peter was having an affair with her.

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After all, we spent much of season 2 figuring out that Jason was actually Peter's son / Spencer's brother, so if we spent all that time on the story just to figure out that it was worthless in the long run, fans aren't going to be happy.

Assuming he is Spencer's father, the question remains: how did he get Mary pregnant, and why would Veronica take in not one, but two of his children that were conceived due to his affairs? She doesn't seem like a woman who would put up with that, and especially not one who would deal with a cheating husband with multiple children from different women.

Kenneth DiLaurentis

Peter and Veronica could've adopted Spencer, and could've not known about her parents. This is a fan-favorite theory that kind of goes down the path of the books. Assuming Mary has been out of Radley off-and-on, she could've posed as her sister and tried to take over her life. She could've slept with Kenneth, and then once he realized it was Mary and not Jessica, they forced her to give the baby up.

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This doesn't explain how the baby came into the Hastings' life, but it could've been something like this. Jessica, desperate to hide Mary's existence, threatened Peter about exposing their affair to Veronica (or the fact that Jason was his child), so he convinced Veronica to take the baby in and adopt her, not letting her know who the baby came from. This is just another possible explanation as to who Spencer's father is, because we really have no idea.

Another Man?

Mary spent years of her life in Radley, and it's entirely possible that Mary had an affair with another patient and ended up pregnant with Spencer. Jessica seemed intent on ruining Mary's life, so she took not only Charlotte, but this newborn baby too, and put her in the hands of someone else as Mary continued to suffer in Radley for years.

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Could this man be somehow tied to the Hastings clan? It's possible. After all, everyone is connected in Rosewood. A little too much, as you can see.

Who do you think Spencer's father is? Leave your answer or theories in the comments below!

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