'Pretty Little Liars': What You've Missed in 150 Words
'Pretty Little Liars': What You've Missed in 150 Words
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight, fans of this summer's breakout hit Pretty Little Liars will finally get to see the gripping conclusion of the show's freshman season. Haven't been watching? Tune in to ABC Family all day for the PLL marathon event, or get a quick refresher right here. You know you'll want to be prepared, especially when A is involved.

A quick recap in 150 Words:

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Meet Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria, four teens with a dark secret. One year ago their ringleader, Alison, disappeared. Her body was found, but even though she was buried, their secrets were not. Enter A, the psycho stalker who just won't leave the girls alone. She knows things that only Alison would know, and leaves messages and signs for the liars, threatening to release their deepest secrets and ruin their lives. 

The show's central mysteries: Who is A? Who killed Alison? When Alison was still alive, the girls started a fire that shook the lives of Jenna and Toby Cavanaugh, rendering them suspects. But not everything is as it seems.
Amidst all of this the girls attempt to balance their delicate family lives and their sometimes secretive (Aria's hot for her teacher Ezra Fitz and Emily struggles with her sexuality) relationships. But A threatens to ruin everything. Will she/he succeed?

Now that you're all caught up, don't miss tonight's summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. Looks like the girls are done playing A's games but does A care? Toby wants to finish what he started. And after a summer of jaw-dropping secrets, the biggest one is said to be revealed tonight! Watch the teaser below:

If you think you've been following along closely all season, test your knowledge with the Pretty Little Liars trivia game.

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