'Pretty Little Liars' Webisode: Who is Shana?
'Pretty Little Liars' Webisode: Who is Shana?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're just a few weeks away from the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special and the webisodes are starting to get more cryptic. This week's episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets only took us on a tour of Shana's phone.

As far as the webisode series goes, it's far from the creepiest episode of the bunch. That would belong to last week's outing, when Lucas picked up his ticket from Creepy Baby Burlap. It's like your worst nightmare when you need to meet up with someone you bought concert tickets from online.

This week we see Shana flipping through her phone in the Halloween store, where I assume she lives in the walls like the Phantom of the Opera. She leaves her phone on the counter and we get a peek inside. What do the clues mean?

Let's break it down:

The Pictures

Shana has several pictures on her phone. There's a picture of a sign promoting the Halloween party train. There's picture of a fancy necklace. There's a picture of a wall of masks, among which is the Creepy Baby Burlap Mask. And finally a picture of a Marilyn Monroe costume.

From the previews, it's obvious to see that Hanna is wearing the Marilyn costume on the party train. So why does Shana have a picture of it? Is she planning something involving Hanna? Does the necklace belong to one of the other girls' costumes?

The Missed Calls

Shana also has a number of missed calls and texts from a blocked ID. More surprising, it looks like she has a call in to Paige. Why is she talking to Paige? Does she know Emily somehow? Perhaps she might even be Maya's real cousin.

There are also four blocked ID calls, one of which shows New York, NY as its origin. Does this mean there are four members of the A Team? And if so, who are the other two members besides Mona and Toby?

The Playlist

The webisode also lingers for a significant amount of time on Shana's playlist. I have no idea why and no real guesses. All of the songs have been played on the show before, so perhaps those scenes are a clue as to the final A team member. In case anyone wanted to play detective, here's the full list:

Freaks- The Hawk in Paris
The Backpack Song- Bear Attack
In My Veins- Andrew Belle
Does Anybody Know- Us and Our Daughters
Speakeasy- Anya Marina
New Game- Margot B

Watch the webisode below for more:

Just who is Shana? What do the blocked calls mean? And what's the significance of the playlist? You're guess is as good as mine, so share your theories in the comments!

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

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